Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

~I'm loving that I finally got around to ordering this book that I have been wanting to read. It seems like everyone I know has already read it. It's written by a pretty popular blogger. I ordered it earlier in the week and it should be waiting for me outside in a day or two!

~I'm loving this pic I found online. Sums up how I always felt having a Summer birthday. Now my kids have that issue, too! To be fair though, we do get the day OFF school on our birthdays, so I guess that makes up for it ;)

~I'm loving that they handed out the cheerleading uniforms at practice last night. Brooke was so excited to try it on, and didn't want to take it off. She wore it all during practice. She was running around and making her skirt twirl. It was adorable!!! We found out their game this weekend is actually an "away" game, but it's only about 15 minutes away from us, so not too bad. I enjoyed watching them practice.. they actually did their dance to music this time!

 ~I love this list I found about being and staying organized. I am a very un-organized person, but I have learned to be better this year. With two kids in school you almost have to be! These things are very simple, but they really make a big impact when you follow them.

~I'm loving that it's the time of year finally for candy corn pumpkins!! The pumpkins actually taste better than the plain candy corns, in my opinion! I also like to take little bites all around the edge of the pumpkin, and eat the green stem last. Yes, I am a strange person!! ;)

~I'm loving that Arnold and I talked alot this weekend about future home improvements. We have so many dreams and things we want to do to our house. Our home is older, he actually bought it when his grandparents died, before we ever met. So it could use a lot of work. Most of our money right now goes to bills and kids, but oneday maybe we will have some extra! Hopefully even next year, when we get our van paid off! Eventually we would either like to add on to the house or even move to another one.. will depend on how the housing market is in the future I guess.

~I'm loving that on Labor Day this year, we just had a day of REST. I know the kids were a little bummed out. It was raining outside mostly all day and we had to cancel our playdate at the park with friends. So we stayed around here and watched tv, colored, played with toys, and read books. It was awesome. Every once in awhile it's nice just to do NOTHING!!!

~I'm loving this quote I saw on someone else's blog. It said  "Choose a companion carefully and prayerfully; and when you are married, be fiercely loyal one to another. Choose your love,  love your choice.” —President Thomas S. Monson

~I'm loving that this past week, Brooke got all "smiley faces" in her planner at school, and she even went above and beyond that I think (she tried to explain it to me!!) and she earned extra play time outside! She got into the van last week sweating and gross, and it's because she had played outside so much that day. She was so happy though, that girl has always been going a mile a minute! I am so proud she is doing so well at school so far and behaving.

~I'm loving that I had a nice long chat on the phone with my buddy Ray yesterday morning. He was driving on the way to Charlotte and called me because I had asked him a question online earlier. So we talked for awhile and at the end of the call Rachel even got on the phone and said "BYE RAY RAY, I LOVE YOU!!" Isn't that the sweetest? She loves her Ray Ray, too :) I really am going to miss him and Kelly when they move next month!!
~I'm loving that yesterday I actually did very well on my "diet." I ate pretty healthy all day, stayed under my calorie count, and drank several cups of water. I also have slowly learned to adjust to the taste of diet soda. I know NO soda is good for you, but at least it's better than the regular stuff? I used to drink a ton of the regular stuff! I also did some Wii Fit. And I was going to walk laps with some friends last night at cheer practice, but it was raining! I was in my workout pants and tennis shoes ready to though.. promise! ;)

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