Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Friday~ Thank you for getting here! I am looking forward to this weekend and hopefully getting some rest.

Dear Jackie~ I am looking forward to going to the 7mile yardsale with you tomorrow morning. Hopefully we will find some good deals. Thank you for offering to drive!

Dear Brooke~ Remember to take your time and write neatly on your spelling test today! I know you will do great!

Dear Friends who are pregnant~ I am so jealous of you guys ;) I enjoy your updates and pictures of your cute baby bumps. I miss that so incredibly much! Enjoy the time!

Dear Fall~ I love you! It is beautiful outside, watching all the leaves change color.

Dear Arnold~ Thank you for letting me lay down for a little bit last night when I wasn't feeling good. You are a very thoughtful husband and I appreciate you very much!

Dear Mom~ I hope you had a wonderful birthday yesterday! I am looking forward to dinner with you this weekend. Sorry for outing your age on my blog ;)

Dear Molly~ PLEASE, please quit peeing all over everything in our house. What is wrong with cats?! I even have had to take apart my kitchen drapes and wash them! Sheesh....

Dear Obama~ You are going to get your butt whooped in Nov, just wait and see ;)

Dear Lady from FB Yardsale Site~ Thank you for the incredible book deals for my daughter. However, you did not mention you smoke, and now everything in that bag reeks of smoke! No one in our family smokes so I am not used to the smell and it really bothers me!!

Dear Chocolate Icecream~ Why do you have to taste so good? There is no more of you left in our freezer, and I am sad :(

Dear Ray~ You'd better come up with a time for us to all get together soon! We miss you!

Dear Harry Potter~ Thanks for pulling me into your addictive book series. I am now on book number three, thanks to my friend letting me borrow the books!

Dear Rachel~ When did you get so big?! You are no longer my little baby :( You are now using the potty and doing all sorts of things on your own. You are still very cute though! ;)

Dear Car of Arnold's~ Thank you for getting amazing gas mileage. Even though you are old and ugly. I don't mind driving you far distances since I save some money ;)

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  1. Woot woot! I am SO glad you are loving Harry Potter!!! Just wait til you get to the last book... with the exception of the epilogue, it is hands down, my favorite book of all time.