Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend in Review!

This weekend was pretty awesome, we had lots of good stuff going on. Friday evening the band my husband is in played again at a local country bar. The grandparents thankfully took the kids again, so I could go see him play. This time two more of my good friends came out with me, to see them, Erika and Jackie. Jackie's husband Eric also came along. They didn't have AS big a turn out as last time, but it was still pretty good, and they had good sales so they got paid pretty good! Once again I ordered my sundrop... I never add to the alcohol tab but at least I get something! ;) The band did great as usual, and I really enjoyed hanging out and listening, and of course getting in some girl time! We went up and danced to a couple of songs, which was a blast. We ended up sitting beside a table of really obnoxious drunks, and they were very loud, but it was entertaining at least. This one woman kept walking around trying to get all the girls to go dance with her. When we finally went up there to dance later on, she gave me a high five! haha! Anyway, we all stayed the entire time, and didn't get out of there until 1:30 AM or so, but it was worth it.. I had a great time. And I think we have turned my friend Jackie onto country music, FINALLY, so that is an accomplishment! Yay for another Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean fan in the world now ;)
The next morning we got to sleep in until around 8am (which IS sleeping in when you have kids!) And then the grandparents brought the kids home. We spent the day lounging around the house and cleaning up. Later that afternoon I made a trip to AC Moore to get some things for a project I was working on for a friend's baby shower. She was having a "Little Man" shower, and I made mustache chocolate lollipops for favors. I am glad I got to even make them.. I had ordered the lollipop mold off amazon and it didn't come in the mail until the day before! So I stayed up late making batches of these things, but they turned out pretty cute ;)
Sunday morning I got up early and went to church, I had to work in the baby classroom. Arnold and the kids stayed at home since I had to come home after early service anyway, and it was pretty cold outside (we are finally getting Fall temps down here in the South!!) My sweet hubby worked some on cleaning while I was gone.. he did the dishes, folded some laundry, and cleaned the back bathroom. Now he doesn't ALWAYS do jobs like that, but I had been bugging him about it for awhile.. I was backed up on my housework, it just seems like I am always working but never get ahead! Anyway, that afternoon after lunch my dad came and picked up Caleb and took him to his very first Carolina Panthers football game! My mom and dad have season tickets, but mom didn't feel like going to the game this week, so he asked if Caleb wanted to go. Caleb seemed really excited about it, and I'm glad he got some bonding time with his Pop Pop :) Dad even got his face painted with a little panther, it was so cute :) Caleb now is talking about how he wants to play on the football team at school next year! While all this was going on, my mom picked up the girls and took them to the mall for some girltime. Mom got Brooke some school clothes from Justice and Children's Place. Brooke picked out this one purple ruffly shirt that she was SO excited about, and kept begging me to wear it to school the next day, haha. It was so sweet. Mom also took them out for icecream afterwards, so they loved that.
All the while Arnold got some time to himself that afternoon since we were all gone (that never happens!) I went to my friend Natalie's house to help out with her baby shower. Well I made the favors but I didn't really do anything else, haha! Her mom and several family members had put together an AWESOME shower.. it was "little man" and "mustache" like I said before, and the colors were light blue, red, and white. It was adorable, and they have added in all the little details and it made a huge impact. They even made their "Famous Family Punch" which included strawberry daquiri mix and 7Up and it was delicious! My friend Natalie has been put on bed rest recently since he has bloodpressure issues and other things going on, so I got to go into her room and talk to her for about 45 minutes before the shower started. It was fun just to get some time to chat! She knew the shower was happening, but didn't know any of the details, so we got to surprise her, and that was really fun. I think she liked it :) We played a few games and I ended up somehow winning a 3 Musketeers bar during one of the games, which is my fave. candy EVER so I was happy ;) Natalie got a ton of really cute gifts and I loved watching her open them.. some people think that is boring but not me! I love baby stuff.. the tinier the better! And she showed me the baby's nursery that day too. They had someone paint airplanes and a sky mural on the walls and it is gorgeous. Nat is due with a boy in December. Please everyone pray that he stays put until he is good and ready and healthy to come out!!
That evening when I got home Brooke was very excited and had to show me all her new clothes and even model some for me. I have to admit her and her Grandma have pretty good taste! Then we made some sloppy joes and mashed potatoes for dinner and hung out until Caleb got home from the football game. We watched the game on tv for awhile but never got to see him and Pop Pop on the screen.. boo! ;) I had a few of the mustache lollipops left over from the shower so I got to give the kids some for dessert. It's the little things that make them happy!
Hope everyone else had a great weekend also! :)
Sexy hubby playing at the bar Friday night! ;)

The band.. Stevie, Ricky, Shane, Arnold, and Darrin is back there playing the drums.

My friends Jackie and Erika hanging out with me at the bar :)

Arnold and I during one of his breaks in the show

Daddy cuddling with his Rachel :)

Cuddling with my friends's son, Aiden, on Sunday during church.

Some of the details from Natalie's shower. Isn't is CUTE? And there are my mustache lollipops in the jar on the right. I loved making them for it :)

The gorgeous cake, cupcakes, and yummy food spread. It was all so great!

Me with the Mama-to-be! Look at the baby balloon.. even he has a mustache ;)

We broke out the Halloween clothes and Rachel wore some this weekend :)

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