Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

~I'm loving that today was school picture day. Even though it is going to be nearly 80 degrees today, Brooke wanted to wear her new purple ruffly shirt from Justice, so I let her. I also curled her hair up a little, but if it is anything like my hair, it will not stay! They did look cute before leaving the house though, I hope the pictures turn out ok :)

~I'm loving that I found this Lalaloopsy treehouse on the Facebook yardsale site the other day. The girl was selling it for $5!!!! I am so lucky I asked for it before anyone else. I had actually been thinking of getting this as one of Brooke's Christmas presents this year. The thing was $40 in store (totally not worth it at all!) But for $5 it is! She also included 3 of the mini lalaloopsys, and Brooke doesn't have ANY of them yet, so the will fit right in with her collection! This is seriously one of the best deals I have come across.. I was so happy :)
~I'm loving that I found some cheap books yesterday! My mom works at a local crisis ministy place, and they have a thrift store. So when I went to see her yesterday, I browsed thru the books before we left. I found a couple of "easy reader" books for Brooke, and then a Kristin Hannah book for me! She is one of my fave authors. And the lady working gave me my mom's discount, so I got them for REALLY cheap. I can't believe my mom has worked there for years and I never gave it a thought to go in and look at their books! 

~I'm loving that the latest Madea movie just made it to Redbox! I will have to rent it this weekend. I almost made it to see it in the theater, but wasn't able to. That Madea cracks me up every single time ;)

~I'm loving that I finally finished the 3rd Harry Potter book! It was so good, so many twists and turns that kept me into it and it was very hard to put down! Now onto the 4th book.. which I already have in my bedroom and it is HUGE, wonder how long it will take me to finish that one??

~I'm loving that one of my very best friends, Chrissy, recently found out that she is pregnant! She and I met when we were in middle school, so we have known each other for about 16 years now. We sort-of fell apart since our lives went so differently, but now we will have a lot in common, for sure! I am so excited to see her all cute and pregnant, and to meet the sweet baby next year! :)
 ~I'm loving that there are only 62 days left until Christmas!! That is NOT really that much at all people!! It will be here before we know it! I am actually a part of a "Christmas Countdown" website that gives you ideas every day of things to do.. it is pretty fun. Today's suggestion was to think of ways you could help people in need this Christmas season. Donating toys for kids, doing the Shoeboxes through your church, or any other ideas. We are so blessed to have what we do.. even if our family is one-income right now and we don't always have a lot extra, there are people who don't have ANYTHING and we need to remember them!

~I'm loving that my mom called yesterday and told me that she and my dad could watch the kids for SURE on Friday night! I wasn't sure up until this week if they could, and I have really been wanting to go see Arnold and the band play that night! They will be at the country music bar again, and it's "Halloween night!" A few of my good friends are coming too, so it should be a blast! I can't wait!

~I'm loving that my friend Ray called me yesterday morning, on the way to work. We chatted for about 30 minutes. I really miss seeing him as much.. he doesn't go to our church anymore :( But it was a welcome surprise to hear from him yesterday!

~I'm loving that I have started becoming friends with a girl I met through the local yardsale site online. I have bought a lot of books from her! We both have young children, and have actually decided to meet for lunch Thurs. I am excited to have met yet another mommy friend to hang out with. You can never have too many friends who know what you are going through! She is a homeschooler and also used to make fancy cakes, so I feel sort of intimidated by her.. she must have a LOT more patience than I do! ;)

~I'm loving that last night Caleb told us he has a girlfriend! He said she is in her class at school, and he smiled really big when he talked about her. It was so funny :) He also said her name is ABBY.. just like mine.. now that is hilarious. But I can tell you now, that no ABBY will ever be as good for him as his mama ;) HA!

~I'm loving that there are so many fun Halloween events and fall festivals going on this weekend. We plan on taking the kids and having a lot of fun family time.

~I'm loving that Arnold saved the day yesterday and got off work to go pick up Brooke and Caleb from school. At the very last minute, Rachel locked my keys in the car!!! So I could not go pick the kids up. Talk about some bad luck... oh well, they eventually got picked up ;)


  1. I LOVE that Madea movie! One of my favorites:-)

    Happy Wednesday!

  2. :)
    HP is the bomb. Just wait, they get even better.

    If I had a dollar for every time my mom locked her keys in the car... haha. Glad they got picke dup!