Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Recent Randoms!

They were learning about community workers at school, and Brooke got "Librarian." So we had to dress her up like one. I wasn't sure what to put on her, so I chose a skirt, little cardigan sweater, necklace, and fake glasses I found at the Target dollar spot. I also put her hair up in a bun and stuck a pencil through her hair. I was sure her teacher would make her take the pencil out because it was a "hazard" to a bunch of 6 year olds, but she actually let her keep it in! Brooke looked adorable and the teacher said she did a good job on her presentation :)

It's been a really long time since I bought myself something. That's how it is with Moms.. I'm sure you other moms understand me on that one! Anyway, I was looking around at the store last week, and saw this owl purse. It jumped out at me! ;) Everyone knows I am obsessed with owls, and so I had to have it. They had the big size and then a "wristlet" size. The bag was only $20 and they were having 20 percent off their purses that week, so it was only $16! It's like it was meant to be ;) I love it, and I'm glad I got it before they sold out (owl things are pretty popular right now-- guess I'm not the only crazy one! ;)

I have started my daughter's Lalaloopsy collection this year. she got her first one last year.. the cheerleader doll (I am bad with their names!) But I love the minis, and decided to get her some this year for Christmas. So far I have picked up these two below.. and two more that I didn't take a picture of. One is this year's "Halloween" lala.. it is so cute! Anyone else have kids that are into these dolls? And to think I used to think they were ugly. They have totally grown on me! I can't wait to have a whole collection for me Brooke :)

Does anyone else's towns have Facebook yardsales? They have ones around here.. where you post pictures of stuff online you want to sell, then if someone buys something you meet them somewhere public that yall can exchange the stuff and money. I had actually closed out those pages awhile back because they were too distracting and tempting, but now that it's getting closer to Christmas I decided to get back on there and see if I could find any good deals. Well not long after getting back on I found a woman selling a lot of good girly stuff! I got these things below all for $20! A lego set for preschool-age, a Rapunzel doll, a set of Ramona chapter books, and a Littlest Pet Shop Wii Game. I am putting all this stuff back for Christmas. The books are actually for my neice who is turning 8 soon and just starting to get into reading! I remember reading Ramona books when I was little too, how awesome that I found them! :)

Had to share my latest add to the owl collection :) I don't know exactly what "it is" but I found it at the Dollar General one night and it was only $1. So it's up now with my fall/Thanksgiving stuff. It would make a cute tree ornament if it didn't say "Give Thanks" on it!

My mom is really big into doing cutesy holiday stuff for her grandkids (maybe that is where I got it from?!) So the other day she came up to the house and brought the kids these "Pumpkin Patch" cupcakes she had made. Made with icing, shredded wheat, and pumpkin candy corns. the kids seemed pretty excited. She said she is going to bring them a surprise every week leading up to Halloween this year :)

Fall wreath I added to our door the other day. Mom brought it over for me, she has a lot of holiday stuff stored in the attic she isn't using, so she gave it to me.

Found out last minute that the band that my husband is in is going to be playing at the country music bar again, this Friday night. Last time was so much fun. I can't wait to go see them play again.  I hope some friends can join me, too :)

Took Caleb in for his eye exam this week. They wanted to check him out since they had some concerns at the Ped. office at his 5-yr visit. Well they did all sort of tests and he got his eyes dialated. Caleb looked silly when he had that done.. kindof drunk ;) The whole visit took forever, but at least we got some answers. Turns out he does NOT need glasses after all! Everyone is relieved, but Caleb is kindof bummed. He actually was getting used to the idea that he might have to wear them. Oh well! Maybe one day he will.. his mama does have awful eyesight after all ;)

It is officially October, so we have broken out our Fall/Halloween clothing! Rachel has 3 Halloween shirts this year. I actually forgot about this owl one I had bought a LONG time ago and been saving for this year! Isn't it adorable? Yes, I push the owl love on my kids too ;)

Finally found the time to finish Harry Potter, finally! I really did like the book.. just like everyone said I would. Now of course I want to read the second one in the series, but don't have it. Should I order it off Ebay? Does anyone local have the set I can borrow?! :)

The other day we got a piece of mail addressed to Arnold's grandmother. Who died. Over 10 years ago. So yeah, that was strange! We opened it and it looked like just a loan application or something. Nothing interesting. Thought that was funny, though!

Tonight "Raising Hope" starts back up! So excited! It has kindof gone downhill since Jimmy and Sabrina finally got together.. don't know how this season will be. But I'll still watch!!
We went to Mcdonalds for a quick lunch after Caleb's eye exam appt. They are doing the Mcdonald's Monopoly game now. I am personally hoping to win a pile of cash in this game, but I'm pretty sure that won't be happening ;) I did however pull off an "instant win" ticket today, for a free Frappe or Smoothie! Excited about winning, but don't like either of those, ick! I will pass my ticket along to Arnold :)

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  1. Aww...your daughter is the cutest librarian! :-). I LOVE. your mom's cupcakes. What a clever idea. You should post them on Pinterest. ;-). Xoxo