Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

~I'm loving this halloween shirt my friend Mandy made Rachel! She has a little business making shirts for kids. She really does a great job and I try to order shirts around every holiday if I am able to!

~I'm loving that Rachel and I met some friends today for a playdate. This pic is of my friend Joanne's cutie, Ben. I can usually get him to smile for me ;)

~I'm loving how grown up Brooke is looking now. Ok maybe I am not? I can't decide! ha! And this shirt is one of the ones I got at Gymboree the other day during that huge sale! It was only like $2.. no kidding! It was a warm day so I let her wear it now :)

~I'm loving this cute little Santa shirt I got for Rachel. I bought it off the Facebook yardsale site. I met the woman to get it this morning, and it is so cute in person! I was really pleased. Can't wait for Dec. so she can wear it!

~I'm loving this pic my friend Mindy got of Rachel, and her daughter, Elia! She has a nice professional camera and took a few shots of the girls when we went over to their house for a playdate next week. Also love Rachel's dirty feet.. they had been playing outside!! :)

~I'm loving this "pizza casserole" I made the other night. Got the idea from pinterest. The kids really seemed to like it, and ate a lot. That is a plus!

~I'm loving that Rachel loves to take Kangaroo around with us when we go do things. Last week we had a mama/daughter lunch date at Wendy's :)

~I'm loving that my dad got Caleb's face painted when he took him to the Panthers game. It was Caleb's first real football game! He had a great time.

~I'm loving that I found Caleb's costume for this year for really cheap. Someone was selling it for only $6! He loved it and had to try it on right away. Can't beat the price.

~I'm loving that Arnold and I wanted the presidential debate last night. It was pretty entertaining. We know who we are voting for (for sure!) But we still like to watch and see what goes on. And Arnold likes to have stuff to talk about at work, ha! ;)

~I'm loving that there are new episodes of "The Middle" and "Modern Family" tonight!

~I'm loving that Arnold came home the other night with a package of chocolate chip icecream! My favorite! Isn't that so sweet of him?? :)

~I'm loving that it has been warm enough the past two days to play outside. When I picked up the kids yesterday from school, we went straight to the park and stayed for an hour. They thought I was the best mom ever ;)

~I'm loving that the other day Rachel sneezed and I heard her say "bless you" to herself! Isn't that just precious? LOL! :)


  1. These are all good things to love! I especially love the kangaroo picture (those are some LARGE fries) ...

  2. Hi. It's been awhile since I've responded to your blog, but I wanted to drop by and say hi.

    It looks like your family is doing well with getting ready for Halloween! Do your kids go trick-or-treating, or do you guys just do your own thing?
    I never went trick-or-treating, but my parents always bought me candy every year, and there were church harvest fellowships, as well as those classroom parties in elementary school. :)

    I love Wendy's!! Yum. I get the number 2 meal every time I go. I should branch out and try something new, but I love my usual.

    Have a nice evening! =D

  3. Cool blog and lovelly cutie kids feeties, from brazil. :)