Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday Topic: Fall Fashion

I'll admit that I don't have a lot of fashion sense. I wish I had the gift of knowing what looks good, and how to make myself look that way! Even if I had all the stuff in my closet I'm not sure I could put it all together the way it was supposed to look, haha. Is anyone else like that? Well I love pinterest to find cute ideas of outfits. So here is a few things I found that I am loving.. and maybe if I can find some $$$$ in the near future, I can try to copy some of these looks ;) I love this time of year for the clothes!! 
This is really more winter, but I love puffer vests and scarves!

Love this time of year for sweaters! Plus fall colors look good on me since I have brown eyes and brown hair.

Green is my favorite color, so you know I am loving this! I love "pea coat" style outerwear also. I still have my peacoat from several years ago, I think it's going out of date ;)

Love the polka dots, so cute! And the navy and red look good together.

Love the green coat! The stripes are pretty cute also.

Isn't this a cute necklace? So delicate.

If I ever break down and buy real Toms, I like this style. Right now I am wearing a lot of knock-offs! I am really rough on shoes!

These are cute nails! Reminds me of a peacock, haha!

This design never goes out of style.

And had to throw something "owl" in there too ;) Any kind of owl jewelry, I am up for! 

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