Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend in Review!

Friday the kids had a half day at school (I still am not sure why!) So my mom came up to the house and we went by the school to pick them up, but we got there a little early so we could go to the bookfair. We were able to take the kids in the library with us to look at the books. Mom let them pick books out and Brooke picked a princess book and Caleb picked a Star Wars book..surprise, surprise! Mom also picked up the books in the "Pete the Cat" series which I was excited about, because I've heard that was a good series! She also picked up a few more books for "Halloween gifts" but the kids don't get those yet! After we had bought our books we got to take the kids with us because school was just about over anyway. Mom took us all out to lunch at Dos Amigos.. yummy! They had decorated the place up in pink and all the waiters were wearing pink shirts.. all for breast cancer awareness.. I thought that was neat! After we finished lunch we went over to Sam's to do some shopping. The kids love going to Sam's because they usually get some samples.. ha. They found a lady that had stuffed noodles.. so they headed over there.. it's like they can actually sniff food out! ;)
That evening I was supposed to go with a few of my friends to our highschool homecoming game. We like to go back when we can, and see everyone and support the team. I had even dressed up in my red and black (our school colors) and was ready to go. Then a downpour started outside. It was even thundering and lightning. I think Arnold was relieved and thought I wasn't going to go anywhere. But since I was already ready and had been looking foward to going out that night for some "me time", I went on out to do a little shopping. I went over to TJ Maxx and looked around. They usually have toys and other things on clearance and I have found a lot of good things there in the past. I found a Transformers toy for Caleb and I got that to put back for Christmas. I also found a book for the kids and a book for me! "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close." I haven't read it yet, or seen the movie. I know I has mixed reviews, but I want to read it for myself to see. After that I went over to Ollie's and browsed in the books for a long time (books are my love! :) Did yall know they have a TON of "easy reader" books for 99cents there? The same kinds that they have at other stores for $4 each. I will definitely be going back there to get the kids some! Anyway, my friend Krista called me up and said she was bored and wanted to go do something. It was good timing, so we met up and went over to the mall to look at Bath and Body works. They have all their fall stuff out and it smells amazing in there! They have a new scent out that smells like.. well i can't really explain it. I say it smells like a sexy man! Haha! ;) I plan to get some wallflowers in that scent for my bedroom ;) After the mall we rode around for awhile, then ended up at O'Charleys for dinner. We didn't eat until nearly 9pm, and by then I was exhausted and was ready to go home. Man I am so old now!!!! No fair ;)
Saturday I took the kids to a good friend's daughter's birthday party. She is turning 8. Well actually she isn't turning 8 until December, but she doesn't like always being stuck having Winter birthday parties, so her mom pushed it back a few months so she could have a luau party! Unforunately it rained that day too, so they had to move the party inside! But it was still fun. The kids played limbo and coconut bowling... they all loved that, and got prizes! Then we had cake and snacks. My friend Joanne has started a cake business and she had made the cake herself.. complete with flowers and a barbie doll hula girl.. it was adorable (and tasted good, too! ;) Erika had also made "flip flop" cookies and "tiki torches" and they were cute touches. You know I love a party with cute details! ;) After that Katelyn opened up her gifts and the kids played some more. Even inside all the kids had a blast, and I'm glad we were able to celebrate with them! :)
That afternoon we went to a thing down the road from us... it's called the "Redneck Festival." A few years ago a guy my husband knows started this festival, and they have BBQ, bands that play, and they donate all the money earned to a local kid with medical issues. This year it was for a kid that has cancer. The band Arnold is in was supposed to play that afternoon. But yep you guessed it, they got rained out. We were all bummed out, especially sicne it was for such a good cause. And poor Brooke cried her eyes out because she didn't get to see her daddy play. Most of the places they play at aren't kid friendly, so she doesn't get to see him often. Anyway, we were  still able to get plates of BBQ for dinner, so that was cool. The food was so good! Instead of being at the festival, that evening we hung out at home, rented a Rug Doctor, and worked on cleaning our living room carpet. Yep, we know how to have fun on a Saturday night! ;) But I was happy about finally getting our floors cleaned!
Sunday morning we got ready and went to church. We knew something was up when we got there because the doors to the childcare building were locked. Then someone told us everyone had to take their kids to church this week, because they were having a "family service." So we took the kids and headed in there. There were tons of signs everywhere telling us different things. We had to stuff our own bulletins, there were no snacks or coffee set out like usual, no band, and nothing on the big screen. We realized what they were doing.. they were having a "Service without volunteers!" They were doing it to make a point about how much volunteers do to make the service successful, and that it couldn't happen without them. And they had papers everywhere for people to sign up for volunteer duties, or to re-dedicate to the jobs they already had. So I re-signed up to work with the baby class :) And Arnold re-signed up to help with the cleaning crew. It really made a big impact.. everyone realized that we usually take things for granted, but we can't do that! We all have to work together to make things great. And the service was definitely interesting with all the kids down there, to say the least! It was a laid-back week, and all the kids were restless and making a mess and drawing on themselves (or maybe that was just my kid! ;) But it was fun. They even let them up on the stage at the end of the service, to sing "Jesus Loves Me" :)
After church we went to our usual spot on Sunday... to sonic! It has officially become a tradition to go there on Sundays after church to have lunch. I got my usual cherry coke, yum! And of course the weather was BEAUTIFUL... on a day we actually didn't have any plans. Bummer! Oh well. We got to eat outside and it was fun.. and it was actually sort of chilly out! It is starting to feel like Fall! That afternoon when we got home, my mom came over to visit for a little bit. Then we took the kids on a walk around the block and did a Nature Scavenger hunt! I cannot take credit for the idea, I saw it on pinterest and thought the kids would like that ;) I made a list of things for them to find, like rocks, sticks, leaves, "something rough," "something prickly," and so on. Then we played a senses game where we pointed out things that were different colors, and things we heard or smelled. The kids loved it, and we got in some exercise too, so that's a plus!
That evening after we had put the kids to bed I settled down in the recliner and started reading Harry Potter again. I am still reading the first one because I have been busy this week and not got a lot of time to read! I got into it and read until i was literally falling asleep. I got up and put myself to bed and when I saw the clock it said 9:15. Yeah.... seriously. I went to bed at 9:15. What can I say? I am going to embrace the fact that my life is hectic now and If I get tired I am going to sleep, dangit! All the while Arnold played guitar down in the basement. He came to bed around midnight I think. I married a major night owl.. he is usually up until 1am or later most nights.. how does he do it?!
Brooke reading her new book at the bookfair. The glasses are fake, by the way! ;)

Out to lunch at Dos Amigos after school

Doing a little shopping at Sam's, checking out prices on meat ;)

Wearing my red and black Friday night, which was sort of a waste ;)

Rachel and her BFF Kenzie having their snacks at the bday party :)

Some of my good friends at the party on Saturday! :)

Hubby hard at work on the carpet! Isn't that hot to see a man work?! haha! ;)

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  1. Sounds like you had a good weekend! My school's homecoming was Friday also! I was so happy that I was able to go back to Alabama for it. It's so hard being away from such good friends :( That stinks that you didn't get to go to yours. You looked cute for it though! It's sad that I can't stay up past 10 these days. We really are getting old! haha! That's cool that your church did that. Really makes you thankful for everyone who volunteers. I miss blogging. I haven't had as much time lately. Hopefully soon!