Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednedsay

~I'm loving that the kids' had good reports at their dentist appts. this afternoon. Thankfully Arnold was able to get off work and help me with them. I went with Rachel and Arnold stayed with the big kids. Rachel was scared at first, but we got her calmed down and she did great. The dentist we see is so nice.. he even "checked" her panda bear's teeth for her, too :) They got stickers and prizes for doing so well and they go back again in 6 months.

~I'm loving that a good friend of mine said I could borrow the rest of the set of the Harry Potter books from her! Now I can get my reading on and not have to miss out ;)

~I'm loving that we went by Sonic Happy Hour today. We don't have a Sonic too close to our house, so we went while we were out anyway. Slushies for the kids for only 50cents.. and of course my yummy cherry coke? I think so!

~I'm loving that I picked up a pack of Halloween oreos for us this week. I love all the special "Holiday cookies" they come out with. I also saw they have "Lemon Twist" oreos.. I wonder if those will be any good? I do love the lemon cookies they sell from Girl Scouts!

~I'm loving that I found some books to buy on that online yardsale site I was talking about in another blog. A woman was selling some nice "Scholastic" kids' books so I couldn't resist adding to our collection. I don't feel as guilty buying books as other things!

~I'm loving that the grandparents have agreed to watch the kids Friday night for us! So I get to go see Arnold and the band play at the Country Music Bar again. That will be a fun night out :)

~I'm loving that Arnold finally got around to cutting our grass today. It was getting a little tall, I'll admit! Some weeks we are "those neighbors" that needs to work on their yard... oops!

~I'm loving that the kids came home with good progress reports from school this week! They seem to be doing pretty good so far. Just a few issues with paying attention and Brooke needs to work on the neatness of her handwriting (we already knew that!) And the teacher said that Brooke talks too much! Ha! I think she might get that from her Mama ;) At least that is what my husband would say!

~I'm loving that there is a new episode of "The Middle" on tv tonight. It stinks that "Modern Family" isn't coming on though.. the Presidential Debate will be on instead, at 9pm.

~I'm loving that I got issued our Ebay bucks today. It wasn't much this time around, but at least it's a little something to put towards something I decide to buy in the near future.

~I'm loving that I set up a playdate with my friend Mindy, and her daughter Elia, next Thursday. We are planning to take the girls to Chuck E Cheese. We haven't gotten together in awhile. I know Rachel really misses her buddy! :)


  1. Have fun with your sweets on Friday night. :-)

  2. I'm loving that I found your blog! : )

    I am stopping by from the blog hop! I would love it if you followed me back.


  3. lovely blog! would you like to follow each other in gfc? let me know!