Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend in Review

**I actually don't have ANY pics from this weekend. What is wrong with me?!?**

Saturday morning I got up really early, because I had planned on going to the 7-mile yardsale with my friend Jackie. It is a local thing they hold at the exit just up from my house, twice a year, in April and October. Jackie came by and picked me up at the house around 7:30. We went to the street it was on and started looking for some good sales. At first we found a bunch that were pretty small/crappy and not even worth having, in my opinion. But eventually we found some good ones. During the morning I found lots of "easy reader" books for Brooke, 2 dvds for the kids, a Strawberry shortcake doll (Rachel just became obsessed with her for some reason.. and later I found out she talks, too!), a Dora Rapunzel doll with hair that really "grows" (that part is kindof freaky, but she will love it!), a whole bunch of Gymboree spring/summer clothes for Rachel next year, some shoes for Caleb, and a few other random things. There was this one sale we almost didn't stop at. I went up to the house to look and found TUBS and TUBS of books for sale. I was in heaven! I found a bunch of the classics in the kid's books and even replaced my "Goodnight Moon" that the kids had torn up a long time ago. They had "Little Critter" books too and we collect those! I also found some books for ME! So that was a very successful sale, probably my favorite one of the morning ;)

While all this was going on, Arnold and his dad had taken Brooke and the kids to her football game. It was an "away" game and they had to go to another Elementary school. I didn't think Brooke would mind me missing just one game to go find some good deals, lol! It so happens that I actually saw a lot of the girls on her team out on that road selling stuff with their moms! Haha. Anyway, they ended up getting home a little while after I did, and the kids came in and told me all about it. Oh, and our school won the game, yay! Arnold's dad had taken them by Burger King for a snack afterwards, and all the kids were given crowns to wear. So they thought that was so much fun.. doesn't take much to make them happy, haha! Since it was still early we went out to a few more yardsales. There was one at Brooke and Caleb's school, but it turned out being really small. But I did find a Spiderman umbrella for Caleb, and a game for my neice! Then we went to another one and they had tons of toys, and Caleb found a transformer, I found a few My Little ponies for the girls' collection (really more for me than for them, haha!) and some clothes for Caleb. And then we stopped by one last sale and it was wrapping up for the day but we found a new-in-box princess puzzle for the girl, and I found a Halloween table runner. And since it was the end of the day, the lady gave me it all for 50cents! Can't beat that!

That afternoon Arnold had to go meet up with the guys in the band to help pack up their stuff and go set up. They were playing at a 20-year highschool reunion that night. So needless to say I wasn't able to go to that one! So the kids and I decided to go see my mom that night at her house, for dinner. My dad was out of town on a church retreat thing. My mom is going to be out of town over Halloween, so she gave the kids their "Halloween treats" early. My mom is big on buying for the grandkids, and especially at holidays (EVERY holiday! :) So she gave them each a new book, and a hallowen flashlight thing that made noises. (Those things became very annoying very quickly.. especially when I was trying to drive home later that night! ;) Anyway, we had BBQ, "potato crap" (a casserole my mom makes that my brother and I named when we were younger.. but it really is AWESOME!) and greenbeans for dinner. Then for dessert mom brought out some icecream bars I hadn't heard of before.. Cadbury bars! Like the chocolate they have at Easter time! And they were ahhhhmazing! ;) Anyway, we had a good time visiting. The kids love to look thru photo albums while we are there, and we found one that had really old pics in it, from when my mom was younger. It was fun looking through that and mom telling us who everyone was! We didn't end up leaving and getting home until around 9:30 that night, and all 3 of the kids fell asleep on the ride home! So when I got home and put them in their beds I went to my bed and fell asleep too! Arnold didn't get home until around midnight and he said he found me all passed out in our bed, haha :)

Sunday morning we were feeling pretty lazy and almost didn't go to church, but I'm glad we decided to after all! As I was pulling out of the driveway, I ran into Arnold's car behind me and knocked off his side mirror! I can't believe I did that.. I guess I parked closer to his car this time around than I had realized. It really scared me and upset me and I ran inside. I was in a horrible mood and didn't want to go anywhere, but Arnold convinced me to. When we got to church we realized that our pastor was preaching at another campus that morning, so they had him broadcast on screen. This week's message was on "Why Can't I get Ahead?" And it's crazy that was the topic, when just earlier that morning i was asking that exact thing, and feeling sorry for myself! Funny how those things seem to happen at the right times :) After church we went home and ate lunch, and I ended up taking an afternoon nap, which was awesome! That night after the kids were in bed, Arnold and I settled down to watch "Harry Potter." Yes I am just NOW getting around to watching it. I am reading the books this year finally, and my friend lent me the movie so I could see that, too. I thought I wouldn't really like it, especially since it was so long, but I was surprised.. I really got into it! Arnold didn't think he'd like it either, but he seemed to like it, too. And now I really want myself a pet owl! ;) I can't wait to finish the 3rd book and get onto the others.. oh and see the other movies too ;)

Hope everyone else had a great weekend too! :)

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