Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend in Review!

Friday my mom came over and Rachel and I went with her to do some shopping at Sam's Club. While we were there we had some lunch.. cheap lunch, can't beat it! ;) Then we picked up the big kids from school and came back to the house to put all the stuff up. While we were putting the stuff up Rachel pooped in her panties. She has been doing so well all week with using the potty that we put her in panties. Man, she had horrible timing! I hate cleaning stuff up like that. Anyway, that evening I met a friend in town and we did some shopping for a halloween party we were having the next day. While I was out I decided to do a little more shopping and just have some "me time." I went to Tuesday Morning and was looking around, and found the new Justin Bieber book! The same exact one Brooke had seen at her school bookfair and begged for, but we didn't get it because it was expensive and we thought it was "silly." Well they had it for only $4.99 so I scooped that baby up to put back with her Christmas gifts. She is going to looove me when she sees it! ;) Next I went to a local kids' consignment store to look for Brooke a halloween costume. The other kids already had theirs but I realized I was running out of time and went in there hoping I'd find anything her size. Well I lucked out and there was a Snow White costume in her size, so I got that for her, which she of course loved :) Then I stopped by Hallmark to look at all their ornaments they recently put out. I couldn't decide on one for the kids (too many to choose from!) so I got a cute one for my mom that says "What Happens at Grandma's house stays at Grandma's house!" You can even stick a little picture in there, it was soo cute! And lastly I went by Barnes and Noble to browse and sat down to read through one of my favorite magazines. I always feel weird sitting and reading in public for some reason, but it was fun to sit by myself in the quiet for once! :)
Saturday morning we got everyone ready and headed to the Elementary school for the football game. The girls finally did their half-time dance.. they had to keep putting it off this season because they weren't ready. Well they did an awesome job and I even got it on video! Then at the end of the game they did the Homecoming court. I had NO idea they did stuff like that in Elem. school! All the cheerleaders were announced and walked out on the arms of the little football players. It. was. PRECIOUS. Seriously, I was dying of all the cuteness. Of any day I needed my camera, it was that day, and I'm so glad I had it with me! All the girls got cheerleading medals. And then a girl and boy were crowned king and queen. It was such a special game and I am so glad Brooke's grandpa was there to see it, too!
RIGHT after the game we left and went to a local party for a party. One of my best friend's sons was turning 7. We let the kids loose to run around and play together, and we sat around and talked for awhile. The theme of the party was "Batman" and my friend's husband had his face painted as the Joker, and came out and tried to "ruin" the birthday party. All the kids got to throw water balloons at him. They were so serious about it and it was HILARIOUS to watch! I think they all had a blast! They also could decorate a mask, wrist band, or ring to wear. Then we all sat under the picnic area and had pizza, chips, and batman cake! Then Chris opened up all his presents. He got a lot of cool "superhero" stuff and Caleb was right there beside him ooohing and ahhhing over all his stuff, lol!
Then RIGHT after the birthday party we headed over to my friend Joanne's church where we were throwing the Halloween party. We wanted to do something fun for our kids and our close friend's kids, so we threw a little Halloween party for them. We had gone in together and gotten snacks, decorations and stuff for it. Joanne has recently started making cakes and she made an awesome pumpkin cake for the party! The kids ran around and they were sooo hyped up on sugar it wasn't even funny! They played "Pin the Tail on the cat" and "Guess the number of Candy Corn In the Jar." Then we had a costume parade and a Costume contest. Didn't go over too well with the little ones.. they wondered why everyone didn't get a ribbon.. bad decision on my part.. should have known better! The party was a blast though, and I loved getting to see all my friends so much that weekend!
Sunday morning I got up and headed to church to work in the baby class. We had EIGHT babies and toddlers that morning, so it was total craziness in there. I kept the kids busy while trying to read them books.. one of my fave things to do of course ;) I got to rock baby Claire to sleep while she was having her bottle.. and I got to snuggle her for awhile, so you know I was loving that! Then Arnold and I went to the 11am service. The message this week was "Why aren't some Prayers Answered." This is truly an awesome series they are doing right now.. trying to answer some hard questions people have about God and Christianity, and backing it up with examples from the bible. I thoroughly enjoyed it this week and a lot of my questions were answered. Just ask Arnold.. I have a LOT of questions! Not just about church stuff, but everything. I am very naturally inquisitive. My mom said I was like that even as a kid. Maybe that is where Brooke gets it from ;)
Anyway, after church we went and got a quick lunch for us and the kids. We were hoping to go to the park or something fun, but it was dreary and chilly out. So we went to a few stores. I went to Ollie's and got a few books for a friend who is having a baby in December. I looove buying books as baby gifts. Babies need their own little libraries too! ;) I also scored and found a NEW book written by one of my FAVE. authors (Neta Jackson) so I got that too. I could spend hours in Ollie'es looking at their books.. love that place! Then we finally gave in and checked out the new Academny Sports place that opened up. We haven't gone for the past few weeks because they kept doing giveaways and promotions and it was a madhouse! Well I have to say I actually like that place! They had a ton of stuff.. and at pretty decent prices. Arnold took Caleb to look at the guns, and Caleb said "I WANT TO GET A GUN TOO DADDY!" LOL! He is hilarious. The kids loved looking at all the bikes and begged us to get them new ones, lol. Then after that we took them by the mall to play in the playarea for awhile. Probably a bad idea since this is the time of year kids start getting sick a lot! While Arnold was watching them I ran down to Gymboree to look. I had heard they were pulling out their summer stuff and doing an additional 50 percent off clearance. I went in there and they had shirts for $2-$3, hairbows and sunglasses for $1 and all kinds of stuff! I racked up on some spring/summer stuff for the girls for next year. I also found black WINTER books for Brooke for a couple of dollars. I am soo glad I went in there now! Stacked with a coupon I had, it made for some awesome deals :)
Sunday afternoon I somehow managed to get a nap. Arnold made us dinner.. cheesy chicken spaghetti. It was sort of based off a recipe I found on Pinterest but he added his own touches to it. Note: spicy! That man loves his spicy foods! That night after the kids went to bed I started a new book called "Katie's Choice." I actually found it at the Pregnancy Care Center where I work on Thurs. nights and they said I could borrow it. It is really good so far, I almost couldn't put it down and go to sleep!
Hope everyone else had a great weekend too! :)

Rachel and I at the football game on Saturday, watching Sissy

Brooke doing some cheers at the game

Brooke on the homecoming court

Brooke with her escorts! :) :)

The kids and the "Joker" at the birthday party

I tried to put one of the kids' masks on but it wouldn't go over my big head ;)

Lounging at the park with my friends Crystin and Erika :)

Chris opening up his presents. And Caleb nearby watching :)

The kids in their costumes at the Halloween Party

My friend Joanne, and her kids. She helped me throw the party.

Caleb and his buddy, Jackson, having some snacks

Lining up to do the Costume Parade

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