Thursday, October 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mom's birthday. She is turning 61, although she doesn't like to admit that to anyone! ;) So happy birthday Mom, Love you. And thank you for everything.
A few little facts about my mom :)
~She is the oldest of 4 kids
~She has been married to my dad for 40 years. They got married young!
~She couldn't have kids of her own, so my brother and I are adopted!
~She is the assistant director at a local crisis ministry.
~She is an awesome cook and makes just about everything from scratch.
~She cares very much about people and is there in hard times.
~She gets her hair colored because she doesn't want to show grey and look older ;)
~She wishes I liked to cook more and wore actual shoes (I love flip flops!!! ;)
~She is a long-time Methodist and Republican woman ;)
~She is a very good friend and very thoughtful of other people.
~She is a hardworker and ALWAYS on the go. seriously.
~She gets up very, very early.
~She is a little bit of a neat freak! ;)
~I am her favorite! (kidding ;)
A few things my mom taught me
~Cooking at home is better, healthier, and cheaper!!
~Hard work will get you far in life
~Always show your husband respect and support
~Don't give up in hard times, it shows your weakness
~Everyone goes through rough times, it will get better
~Always look "nice" for your husband. He will appreciate it.
~Put back money in savings, stuff will always come up when you need it.
~Make time for your friends and family members.
~An occasional card, phone call, or letter will make anyone smile.
~Being a mom is the hardest job you will ever have, but worth it!

And here are some pics of me and mom, or just mom, over the years. Enjoy! :)

After my baptism

At Brooke and Caleb's birthday party

At Caleb's church dedication

In Charleston for my cousin's wedding

On mother's day

On Thanksgiving

She loves playing with her grandkids

Reading a book about grandmas that the kids got her

Showing Caleb how to cook

Cooking us Thanksgiving dinner!

On Brooke's 5th Birthday

Her and dad before my cousin's wedding

 Feeding baby Rachel, awww! :)

Brooke's preschool graduation

Quality time with the kiddos

At Rachel's first birthday :)


  1. Awww, moms are so awesome. I wish I could have pictures of my mom with my kids like that. : ( Its great your mom is there. I love flip flops too. My mom never wants her age out there either. Beautiful post Abby.

  2. You are extremely blessed to have such a wonderful mama. She is beautiful, just like you. :-). I love when you said you were her favorite. My daughter always tells me she secretly knows she's my favorite. :-)

    Happy birthday mama girl! Xoxo

  3. Awe...That's a fantastic tribute to a wonderful woman! (Although she just might shoot you for telling tales on her. ;-) I'm sure she doesn't have ANY grey hair!) It's such a blessing to see the love in your family!
    I hope you have many, many, more happy birthdays Guynell!