Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Eve

Boy do we know how to party now that we are parents, haha ;-) We were trying to decide what we wanted to do for New Years Eve this year. We usually dont do much at all, since its hard to find sitters for the kids on that night. It so happens that my friend Natalie, asked us if we wanted to join her and her daughter and her parents at Chuck E Cheese that night. I said yeah, and the fact that we had half of that Giftcard left over that the kids got for Christmas made it even better!

So we met them up there around 630 that night. We bought one of the deals where you get pizza, drinks, and tokens for one price. While we waited on the pizza to get made, we took the kids to play some games. It was crazy packed in there that night! Natalie told me last year it was pretty secluded and they almost had the place to themselves, so I wasnt dreading it like i usually do ;-) Boy was she wrong this year though ;-) Anyway, the kids had a great time. Rachel runs wild in that place and its hard to keep up with her. and Calebs new obsession is getting as many tickets as he can, and feeding them into the counting machine.

After we played some games we sat down and ate pizza.. their pizza there is pretty good! It better be for nearly $30! That is downright insane the prices they charge in there, to poor pitiful parents.. they know they will be in there forever with the kids and get hungry and they hike up the prices! But anyway.. after awhile Natalies daughter started getting fussy so she said she was going to go home. So i started rounding the kids up. They had 80 tickets so we went to the counter and to make it easy I just told the guy to give us as many tootsie rolls as we could get for the tickets, so we left there with a handful of candy for them :P

When we got home and put the kids to bed, Arnold and I watched the movie "Wild Hogs" on tv.. then the Dick Clark NEw Years Special. They had Backstreet Boys on there! hahaha.. i loved it, made me feel like a little girl again. Arnold just rolled his eyes and made fun of me. I loved them soo much, especially Brian, and carried their pics around in my trapper keeper :) Anyway, then we watched the countdown, kissed, and went to bed. Not much party left in these parents! Of course that was after I had wished my honey a very happy birthday-- Because he was born at 12:05 on Jan 1st, 1982! He was the Catawba County New Years baby that year :)

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