Wednesday, February 23, 2011


So.. I saw this on a board I am on.. people talking about things they found "overrated." Things that other people really seemed to like but they just didnt care that much about, or see the hype. So here is my list (im sure theres others im not thinking of though..) And ill try to explain my answers. And hope no one gets offended! if you like these things, thats great! :)

1. STARBUCKS (or coffee in general really) Ive never liked the taste. I get my caffiene fix from soda. Not the best for me, i know! And when people go all the time to get them special coffee drinks.. doesnt that add up really quickly?!

2. Designer Sunglasses (i have a hard enough time keeping up w/ my REGULAR cheapy sunglasses. I have lost too many pairs to count. Or the kids get ahold of them and break them. I do however think they are cute.

3. Reality Shows like the Bachelor (dont see the hype at all, just not my thing)

4. Most Modern Music (Lady Gaga, Justin Beiber, etc. Arnold and I were just talking about how hardly any good music is made anymore. Give me my classic rock anytime!

5. CO-SLEEPING (we NEVER did this. I know so many people are for it, and that is great if it works for you. But Arnold and I like our sleep. and our space. and our romance ;) I didnt want to break the kids of a habit, either! And the fact that my kids all sleep in their own beds, and are wonderful sleepers makes me very happy :)

6. KINDLE/NOOK- I am still a little un-decided on this. I might change my mind if i ever got one. I am a BIG-TIME reader, and always have been. Something about actually sitting down w/ a real book, feeling it in my hands.. that is important to me. The fact that bookstores might become obsolete? kills me!

7. Real expensive KIDS CLOTHES- dont get me wrong, i love to dress my kids in cute clothes. Thats actually one of my favorite indulgences when we have tax money or extra money. but all these really high-end stuff, and the people who bid crazy prices on Ebay for Gymbo or Gap that is USED?? Crazy. Kids outgrow their clothes soo fast. And get them dirty! I do love me some Gymboree. I just get it every once in awhile, or when i find a GOOD deal.

8. MEALS FROM SCRATCH- ok you go ahead and laugh. Everyone knows im a bad cook. Not to mention i dont like to cook. So obviously this isnt a big deal to me. Arnold cooks a lot of nights and I handle all the clean-up, which works for us. we make simple things the kids will eat, and we throw veggies and fruits in there too, so it all works out :) This thinking is much to my Mothers dismay though.

9. REALLY HIGH THREAD COUNT SHEETS- Have never sprung for the REALLY nice sheets. is it worth it?? I sleep pretty good already.. but.. open for suggestions.

10. CREDIT CARDS/STORE CARDS- Learned from experience. They can buy you a lot at the time, but its not worth it. They have all these fees, and traps and if youre not careful you can get sucked in. Especially the store cards that offer all the discounts and coupons.. you probably end up spending more anyway because you go shop there so much! We paid off our cards this year and I am thrilled.. and relieved.

11. FAKE BOOBS- Ok. Most men like them, period. Doesn't matter the size. I am not lacking in that department, however, so I dont have to worry ;)

12. BEING REALLY SKINNY- I used to think this was really, really important for me to feel good about myself. Now i know that its not true. Having kids has changed my body-- bigtime. But ive met dozen of other mothers and they all say the same thing. Its more about being healthy now, for your family. When i drop a few pounds I get excited, but I dont torture myself trying to. Respect my body now for what it was able to do-- carry my beautiful children.


  1. Here's my rundown. Lol

    I hate coffee. Period.

    I buy knock of designer glasses at the flea market. (3 for $10)

    I am a reality tv addict. But I watch project runway, top chef, real world, jersey shore. Things like that the dating ones are lame.

    I listen to everything. I love me some lady gaga.

    Co sleeping is for sissies. Lol

    I don't need to spend $200 on a nook. I have the free app on my cell phone and its exactly the same. :p

    My favorite place to shop for keegan is babyGAP. Their clothes fit her perfectly. And I compromise by buying other things at once upon a child.

    I LOVE TO COOK!! Its not always successful mind you but I enjoy it.

    We bought our sheet at annas linens bc they're cheap. Lol

    We have bad credit already so we don't have credit cards.... thanks student loans...

    Keegan gave me the gift of boobs. Don't need to spend the money on what I already got lol

    And I miss when I was skinny. And by skinny I mean a size 10. Maybe one day. :p

  2. 1. STARBUCKS I do <3 me some starbucks but I can make some at home that taste just as good
    2. Designer Sunglasses. I <3 Sunglassed and I do have some designer ones only b.c my Mom always gets me a pair every summer pretty much b.c she has more $$$ than she knows what to do with....LOL
    3. Reality Shows like the Bachelor I dont really watch tv
    4. Most Modern Music Some of its ok but ill stick to some classics
    5. CO-SLEEPING We do co sleep alot of the time but I do like my space and good sleep so im half and half on this
    6. KINDLE/NOOK- I really want one but I have the App on my phone that does the same...
    7. Real expensive KIDS CLOTHES- I love me some Janie and Jack but I dont buy it it goes back to my crazy mother who Loves to spend $$$ LOL
    8. MEALS FROM SCRATCH- I <3 to cook when im in the mood but I will open a box of hamburger helper and not feel bad abou it
    I <3 them i guess i was just spoiled growing up
    10. CREDIT CARDS/STORE CARDS- Paid all of mine off and will NEVER do it again
    11. FAKE BOOBS- I want them LOL
    12. BEING REALLY SKINNY- OK so I have came to realize its just not going to happen for me and I moved on LOL

  3. you can get the high thread counts cheap at JcPenny if you watch the is definitely worth it!

  4. This one I felt the need to post about... LOL though I NEVER comment on blogs :)

    1- I hate coffee too, right there with you. It's just gross (and I dont even like the way it smells)

    2- Couldn't care less if my glasses are from WM or some vaca store at the beach (which is usually where they are from :)

    3- My reality show I like is American Idol. Other than that, my tv never leaves Disney that I'm aware of. I think we only have one channel, and we pay a fortune for it monthly!

    4- I <3 my pop music :) Justin Beiber, Hannah Montana (when she was cool), etc. I actually just really love teeny bopper music, my guilty pleasure :)

    5- Never co-slept. I like that independence. I did BF, that was the closeness.

    6- I read, but only occasionally. Though with my eyesight problem I read better ON the computer screen than in print, so really either is cool with me. But I probably will never own one of those fancy readers.

    7- I <3 me some Gymboree & Gap and I'm not going to lie. But I've calmed down!

    8- I can take scratch meals or leave them. About 1/2 of our meals are from scratch, the other 1/2 are quick or fast food/eat out.

    9- All I know is ours are from WM and run about $30-35. They feel soft, and are cotton, and that's good for me.

    10- I do love my store cards. I have a Target debit linked to my checking that saves me 5% just because I use it (no fees), and it comes out of my regular checking. I love my Gymbo, Childrens Place & Gap cards too because I can use it to pay, save more money because of it (5-20% depending on the sale, day, etc) and then pay it off and it is cheaper than having used cash.

    11 - I couldn't care less about a boob job if I tried.

    12- I obviously have given up being REALLY skinny, though I obviously also could use to lose wait...