Sunday, February 13, 2011

Baby Benjamin!

One of my very best friends, Joanne, had her baby boy on Friday morning, the 11th. He was 6lbs, 14ozs. She said she expected him to be a lot bigger since her other son Logan was over 9lbs! She had another csection since she had to have one w/ her first son, and everything went well. I went to visit her that evening, and went with another good friend, Jess. I was so excited to go see him, everyone knows how much I love newborns :) He was soo precious, and I held him a little while.. I could have stayed there all night! But we left after the nurses came in and told Joanne she needed to get up and try to walk. He was sleeping so contently and didnt even move at all.. if only they slept that well at night, haha! Anyway, i even ended up going back the next day with another friend.. she wanted to go, so perfect excuse for me to go back, right??? Arnold has no worries of anything ever coming of my baby fever anymore since hes had the vasectomy. ;)

I am posting a few pics of the cutie....

Benjamin David

Getting my Baby fix!

Brooke said "I really liked that baby!" haha :)

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