Monday, February 28, 2011

Logan's 6th Bday Party

Saturday we went to Logan's birthday party. It was Starwars theme.. very cute. Arnold wanted to go play music w/ some friends, so I decided to just take the kids myself. We did end up letting Rachel go to his parents' house to nap though, so it wasnt too bad! Brooke and Caleb had a great time playing w/ their friends. Caleb is so anti-social though.. he wanted to stay back in Logans bedroom and play with all his toys.. haha. He thought he had some pretty cool toys. Arnold told me thats just how he was.. Well i am thinking preschool cant come soon enough, so that he can interact with other kids more often! Anyway, we all ate and had some cake (which even Caleb didnt eat because like i said, he was too pre-occupied!) And then Logan opened his presents. Looks like he got some neat stuff. Caleb really liked his gifts and even asked me if he could take one home ;) We are at that stage now.. bigtime. There is always a meltdown at the store when Caleb realizes that the toys im putting in the cart are for his friend and not him. We got logan a lego set, and a little cardgame and dinosaur art set.. all looked cute to me! And of course.. before the party was over I had to hold sweet baby Ben! It didnt seem to me like he had gotten any bigger. That kid is TINY. Well especially compared to my kids.. they were never that small, even at birth. He is just precious and I enjoy every time I get to hold him and soak up the baby love :)

Blowing out the candles

Brooke & Birthday Boy

Cuddling sweet baby Ben :)

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