Sunday, February 6, 2011

Princess Party

Brooke was invited to a princess party, for her friends Gracie and Emily, who were turning 2 and 4. Well everyone was invited, but it was more of a girly party, so I used that as my excuse not have to take Caleb.. and it was Rachels naptime so.. I figured they could stay at home w/ Arnold. He loved not having to go to a party.. geez, he is so antisocial-- haha! :) Anyway, the party was great, everything looked so pretty. They had lots of yummy food and I was really wishing I hadnt eaten lunch just before because I was full and missed out! The cake was really good, too. They had finger nail painting, stick on tattoos, and necklace making.. Brooke really enjoyed all that. She picked purple polish (her fave color at the moment) and a ladybug tatooo. She had a really hard time when the girls opened presents, though. We are going through that stage where she doesnt understand why she isnt getting anything at parties. She was kindof rude and embarassed me! But id like to think that all mothers go through that at some point? Anyway, Joanne was there so I had someone to sit and talk with while Brooke played. It was a great party and for the most part pretty relaxed-- since I only took one kid! :)

Cake time!

Brooke showing off her necklace

Tatoo and painted nails :)

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