Sunday, February 13, 2011

Emmetts 1st Birthday Party

Saturday was my friend's son's birthday party. Emmett turned 1! They had a cute party-- monkey themed. The cake was done by a local bakery.. they always do the cutest cakes and they taste GREAT.. i might seriously look into them for my kids' birthdays this year. The kids had a great time. Rachels "boyfriend" Grayson was there so they had fun sitting in the floor eating together, it was so cute. :) The kids colored little cardboard monkeys and they were magnets for us to take home. And amy had made yummy "1" cookies for the guests to take home as favors, she did a great job! The girls played in Kaitlyn and Kenzies bedroom after they ate.. and Brooke was begging me for bunkbeds after she saw their room. I said I would think about it.. when Rachel gets a little older, haha. It actually would free up space in their room. Anyway, the party was fun and they had a great turnout. Happy Birthday Emmett!!

Rachel and Grayson eating together

I claim him as my own ;)

The cake-- already torn into, but it was cute!

The cookie favors

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