Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kids' Valentines Party

This past Mon evening I had a kids' valentines party. I wish i could have invited more people, but we had to have it at our house this year because we changed churches and dont have use of the big gym anymore. Anyway.. Arnold said i was crazy for having it in the house and I think hes right now.. It was very packed! Im sorry to everyone who was crammed in there, but hope the kids had fun! they seemed to at least :)

Everyone brought a food or dessert to share and we had a pretty good spread. Elizabeth even had hotdogs leftover from her daughters day party that she so kindly brought :) And LOTS of yummy goodies.. I dont think my kids actually ate "real food".. just junk. I asked Brooke once and she said she had eaten 4 cookies! Anyway, we ate and just kindof tried to survive in there, not much room to move around at all. But it was nice to spend the evening w/ lots of good friends. Even Joanne was able to come to one last gathering before baby Ben was born :)

I had bought red bags and stickers and the kids decorated bags and we had a valentine exchange. I was so caught up in the madness that I almost forgot to hand out my own kids' valentines! And i had spent a lot of time the night before writing all those out, haha. Brooke and Caleb loved looking through all the cards they got from their friends, they got some cute ones. And the kids also all got little valentines tattoos to take home. All in all it was a fun evening but we may hold off on the parties until warmer weather and we can gather outside. That will make Arnold happy at least ;)

Jam Packed Living Room

Brooke and her school boyfriend Malachi :)

Brooke & Her other good Buddy Logan

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