Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tax Money!!

Not me of course-- Just thought the "feeling" fit ;)

Our tax money was deposited into our account Friday morning! I always look forward to it every year. With me being a stay-at-home-mom and only living on one income, we are tight alot of weeks and dont buy a lot of extras. We didnt get AS much this year, but it was still a pretty decent amount. I told Arnold to take a good look at the account, because it was only going to be high $$$ for a little bit.. I started paying bills right away. Sucks that most of it went to bills but thats how life is I guess! it feels good to get it over with, though. We were able to pay off a few credit cards, and get some heating oil (which is CRAZY high right now, by the way) I also was able to get Rachel a new stroller, the kids some new spring clothes, and a few other things. I have already bought Brooke's Easter dress this year, I found one i just fell in love with online, and so I ordered it. I also already bought her party supplies for this year, even though its 6 mos. until her birthday, haha. She is going to have the "Little Miss" theme (Litte Miss Sunshine, Little Miss Chatterbox etc-- I think it will be really cute)

Anyway, we also got to buy a new cellphone, but on ACCIDENT. The other night I put my jeans in the wash and had forgotten to pull my phone out. Then later when I was looking for it, I suspected thats what I had done. So Arnold stopped the wash and reached his arm down.. and YEP just as I had suspected. It was beyond hope.. the phone had water sloshing around on the inside under the screen. But anyway.. thank goodness for my friend Lauryn who had recently gotten a new phone and sold me her old one! Which is really nice.. a LG EnV touch. My phone was ancient so this one is awesome to me... I am really liking the touchpad.. and the qwerty keyboard-- maybe I can text a little quicker now ;)

Today my Sister in law and I went out shopping a little bit. Had to pick up some stuff for a kid's valentines day party Im having tomorrow night. We also bought a few other things here and there-- like i said, gotta love tax time! I even bought a scrapbook and maybe now I will FINALLY get started on Brooke's FIRST YEAR scrapbook. Sad... I know. But come on, I had kids so fast I just didnt have time to work on the book.. Im lucky i remembered to write any of those milestones down at all ;)

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