Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Date

Arnold and I went out on a date for Valentines Day, last night. We never go out on the actual night, because it is so crowded. We convinced our parents to watch the kids.. and they ended up agreeing to watch them OVER NIGHT so we were thrilled. We went to dinner at the Artist Cafe. We had never been there but heard it was good. I really liked the atmosphere in there, very calm and laid back.. and the people working there were so nice. I ordered the lasanga and it was very good! Arnold got a NY Strip and he said it wasnt the greatest.. definatly not worth the $$$. I hate he didnt enjoy his dinner, but i sure did ;) It was great to sit there and have adult conversation and not have to worry about kids throwing food or picking with each other or running away from the table. Afterwards we had the whole night ahead of us so we drove around trying to decide what to do.. there is not much to do in the area, we all know that! We were going to go shopping but we are actually burned out on that since we've bought so much lately w/ tax money. We also were going to go get icecream at Coldstone, but we were stuffed from dinner still. So we just went home and watched a movie I had rented earlier. It was called "Going the Distance." It was a good movie, better than I had expected. Then we got a PEACEFUL nights rest, and even got to sleep in! It was the perfect evening to celebrate Valentines Day :)

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