Monday, February 21, 2011

Awesome Saturday!

I had a rough week this last week, and felt like I was being really negative for a few days. Then everything turned around and I had an AWESOME Saturday! One of those days where happy things just keep popping up.

That morning we got the kids ready and went to the park to play. The weather was nice again.. not as nice as it had been on Friday but it was decent. Brooke and Caleb ran around on the slides and Rachel went to swing. There were some teenage girls on the swings and they kept saying how cute Rachel was :) Then all three kids played in the sandbox for awhile. After that we went to the gym. We dropped the kids off in the kid-watch area, and Arnold went to the Sauna (he calls it his "executive workout" although all that means is he didnt want to workout :P And I went to Zumba class w/ my SIL and Arnold's cousin Beth. I have only been a few times, but I enjoy it. I am the world's clumbsiest though.. seriously. It takes me forever to catch on to the moves, and my feet dont seem to want to move that way! But it is fun, none-the-less, and even if im not doing the moves just right I am burning calories, right?! Anyway, after that we stopped off and got some lunch, and then headed to the library. It had been a few weeks since we had taken the kids and it was about time to let the go pick out some new books.. those kids love to have books read to them. Their favorite this time was called "Arnie the Doughnut".. and if your kids havent read that one, Id recommend it. The kids cracked up, and Caleb has seriously asked me like 7 more times since then to read it to him again and again. They also make a cartoon of it.

Later that afternoon we laid the kids down for a nap and I went to Hickory and met up w/ one of my best friends, Jess. I had been wanting to get my haircut FOREVER and finally did. I think it turned out pretty decent, still getting used to it though. I love how much volume I get when its cut shorter.. when it gets too long its so straight and life-less! Then we stopped by Kohls, and I was lucky and found the Eric Carle turtle book (they had been out of it last time) and now I have the whole collection for the kids! (yes, thats a big deal for me, we love books in this family! :) And lastly I went to buy a few more spring/summer clothes for Brooke and Caleb (already have Rachel a closet-full.. they have the cutest stuff for baby girls!)

When i got home, I let the kids go outside and we all played while Arnold grilled out hamburgers. I hadnt gotten the mail that day yet, so I walked out to the mailbox and was PLEASANTLY surprised to find our state refund check! We had already gotten our federal direct-deposited a few weeks ago. I didnt expect the state that soon though, so that was nice. I also got one of my mags in the mail and happened to flip to a page of cupcake cakes and there was an OWL (Rachels party theme this year is going to be owls) SO cute and I think i might try it. Or maybe someone would want to bake and decorate it for me?? ;-) Im not that domestic. Even w/ the "easy stuff" :P So anyway, we had a pretty awesome day. It was one of those jam-packed non stop weekends where it seems to go by pretty fast.. which stinks. But it was fun!

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