Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Good Stuff!

So yesterday I posted a blog on things I considered to be "over-rated." I liked everyones feedback too.. that was interesting :) So i decided I needed to do the other side also.. about things that I really DO like and find important.. that some other people may not. So once again, leave me feedback on if you agree or don't. ;)

1. MARY KAY MAKEUP- My mom got me hooked on using their stuff, and i especially like the foundation. I think the cheaper stuff wears off a lot quicker and doesnt look the same.

2. Big Birthday Parties- This is one of the things that I love.. is parties. And ever since having kids I love to have big parties for them and invite everyone. Arnold hates parties though, so he has asked me to tone them down. Ill try!

3. FACEBOOK- I am a facebook junkie. Everyone knows it. I am actually surprised I got sucked in to the whole hype.. but I did. I know i post way too many status updates and am way too into what is going on in everyone else's lives. Maybe its that Im at home all week with the kids and want to keep some adult interaction going on? Who knows.

4. CHOCOLATE- A girls' best friend, right? I always try to have some in the house. Its good for good days, bad days.. and especially PMS days! I especially love butterfingers and 3 musketeers. Oh and chocolate bunnies at Easter time. Oh and chocolate cupcakes are the best. Get the point?

5. DATE NIGHTS- Arnold and I used to get date nights A lot! we have been very blessed w/ grandparents and lots of other family close-by that love to spend time w/ the kids. I feel like it is very important to get that special time w/ your husband. And forget about the stresses of life for awhile. We never minded leaving the kids w/ their grandparents, we were never "too over-protective." They have even spent the night several times. Now with 3 kids we dont get them as much, but really love it when we do!

6. MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTIONS- I am a magazine junkie, too. I love to read in general, and magazines are a quick read when i get bits of time here and there. I have several that I like, and I was buying them all the time and realized Id save a ton of money if I just got subscriptions to them. And its nice getting something in the mail other than bills ;) Im serious about being a junkie though-- I get the following-- Glamour, Redbook, Parents, Parenting: Early Years, Baby Talk, American Baby, Family Fun, Family Circle, Good Housekeeping, and Woman's Day. I also just subcribed to a new Christian magazine :)

7. CHRISTMAS CARDS- Some people hate the task of sending them out every year, and dread it, but not me. Ever since having kids I love doing photo cards and sending them out. Its one that can be saved instead of being thrown out like a lot of others are. Now getting the photo of all 3 kids looking-- THATS hard.

8. MINIVAN- Everyone jokes that they never thought theyd be one of the "minivan mamas." I never did, though. I always wanted to be the mom w/ lots of kids and dogs, and driving around in a van.. I know Im a dork. But its what I always wanted. So i was really excited a few years ago when we got our Honda Odyssey. Great reviews on safety, lots of space, and storage. Plus the sliding doors and the built-in dvd player are great, too.

9. COUPONS- I am always looking for them, for my favorite stores or items. I almost always have to make a purchase when I have one, even if i dont really need anything at the time (thats where they can get you into trouble!) And the stores that have "store cash" for spending so much? Thats pretty awesome too. I have a Kohls cash right now actually, that I need to use soon.

10. CONSIGNMENT SALES/STORES & YARDSALES- I never considered buying anything used until I had kids. Having 3 kids is expensive! I now go regularly to these places, and get some of their clothes there. Sometimes they have brand new items that kids never got around to wearing, or nice name-brand stuff in great condition (like that Gymbo i love so much but cant stand to spend $20 on a SHIRT!) And one of our fave. pastimes in the summer is getting together w/ my SIL and a few friends and going to yardsales. Sometimes its a bust, but sometimes we can find great things too. Im always on the lookout for kids' stuff and books, along with cute cookiejars or teapots (which i collect).

11. LOTS OF BOOKS- Kids can never have too many books, right?! We have been buying them books ever since they were born, and we are over-flowing shelves. One of those things I just cant get rid of, though. I am on a mission to create little bookworms (like me :) My mom also buys the kids a nice new book every holiday and i LOVE that. they have quite the collection now. Most of the Eric Carle and Dr Suess books. And their newest love are the Llama Llama books.

12. TAKING PICS OF EVERYTHING- I take a LOT of pictures. You have seen me post a lot of facebook, i know. I feel the need to take pics of everything my kids do. I dont know why.. I just feel like I will be very upset if I look back and am not able to see pics of everything they did when they were little. We forget things so quickly! Seriously though-- On Brookes 1st day of school it was like "here is Brooke in her school dress. now with her bookbag. now in the car. now at the class door. now in the class. now with her teacher. now with her dad. now with her mom. now a pic of me crying as I leave her." (ok that last one was a joke.. :) But you get the point!

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  1. Love them all except, Christmas Cards, Minivan, and Coupons!
    I am too lazy to do the card thing.
    I can see how I could love a minivan, IF I had one!
    Coupons- I just need to learn how to use them!