Monday, February 28, 2011

Rachel's 1st Haircut

Welp, my baby went in for her very 1st haircut this past Friday. It was getting out of control.. everyone knows I say she has a "baby mullet" and its so true! My mom took her since I had to go to Brooke's parent-teacher conference, and she said she did very well.. after she got over the initial nervousness. They didnt cut much off.. just trimmed the ends. They said that we have to wait for the baby hair up top and on the sides to catch up before we cut a lot more. But they always say once you cut it, it will grow a lot faster! So im looking forward to days ahead of cute bows and pigtails :) I was already doing that w/ Brooke when she was Rachel's age. I shouldnt rush time though, I know.. she IS my last baby after all!

This is Rachel's newest look. Shes either saying What the heck are you doing?! Or I am so not happy about this.. :P

After-- Not much of a change, but its a start!

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