Monday, February 28, 2011


We had another one of those busy weekends that I really like.. but go by way too fast!

Friday night we went out and got something to eat, then went to Target to pick up a few birthday gifts. I still have the hardest time deciding what to get for little boys for their gifts. Caleb is the kind of kid that picks a thing or two to like, then becomes OBSESSED.. and hes all about that for weeks/months. So i dont know what "in" or what boys like really, but thankfully my friends let me know ;) So we picked out something for Logan and Malachi. I also found a few cute things in the dollar spot that I picked up for easter baskets.. I have been buying a little here and there. They sometimes have some really cute stuff! I found Rachel some sunglasses w/ strawberries on them, and Brooke a princess necklace. When we got home and got the kids to bed, Arnold and I watched "The Social Network." It had just gotten sent to our house thru our online movie rental thing. Thats the movie about FACEBOOK for those who dont know. I didnt know what to expect, but it was really good. Dont know how much of it is really true but i learned a lot. Just made me want to get back on facebook though, throughout the movie.. I know.. Im addicted.

Saturday we went to Jelly Beans consignment store and looked around a little bit. I hardly ever get to go to that one because of its store hours.. they are a little inconvenient for me. I found some of the cutest outfits for Rachel. She has WAY too many things already for spring/summer, but I couldnt resist. At least i didnt spend a ton. I also found Brooke some sandals. They also were having their clearance stuff for only $1 so i picked up Caleb a hoodie, and Rachel some pjs for next fall/winter. Later on I went out to lunch with a friend at the Snack Bar. We had a long conversation about some life-changing things going on w/ her.. dont want to get into it because its personal. But i think it went really well. And thank you for those of you who prayed for me, because I was so nervous before I talked to her! Anyway.. then that afternoon we went to Joannes house for Logans birthday party.. already blogged about that. And after that we stopped by the inlaws' to pick up Rachel and the kids got to see their Grandparents, Aunt Jenn and cousin for awhile. Caleb got to see ARNIE THE DOUGHNUT CARTOON on their tv! I mentioned before that he is obsessed w/ that book. He didnt seem as into the cartoon though.. just proves that books are better ;)

And finally.. Sunday. We got up, got ready, and went to church. Still going to our new church.. and its going great! Our pastor Jesse is so REAL and so FUNNY. i love his messages because he tells it like it is.. no bull. And his messages really relate to life, and I get alot out of them. I find myself tearing up several sundays, because I am just so over-whelmed with everything that has happened lately, and how awesome God is. My mom recently got really great news from her oncologist. She has breast cancer and has been in remission. Anyway, shes been on a cancer pill for 7 1/2 years or so, that made her really sick on her stomach, and her bones brittle. At her most recent appt this past week the dr said she was doing so good and could stop taking her meds. He told her to go home and live her life! Isnt that awesome? I am so so happy. My mother is a huge part of my life and I dont know what I would do without her.. so any news that suggests that she is doing OK and will hopefuly be around for a long time just makes me so incredibly happy.

OK! Got side-tracked there for a minute. But its all good. Anyway... love our new church.. period. After church we took the kids to the park. I tell you, I am getting spoiled by this 70-some degree weather in FEBRUARY! That is crazy stuff. We went to a different park than what we usually go to.. and the kids loved it. They went on the swings, slide, bouncy animal things.. and then we took a long walk around the track. We got a lot of exercise and soaked up the sunshine! It was a wonderful day :)

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