Monday, February 21, 2011

Felt like Spring Time Already!

This past Friday it was in the 70s here! In the south we make a BIG deal about the weather getting warmer.. we dont like the winter very much. Well I dont at least!

Anyway, I was excited because I have been buying the kids their spring/summer clothes over the past few weeks and I got to break them out already (alot sooner than I had imagined.. it was near record temps for Feb!) Rachel wore her new top from Carters and Caleb wore his guitar shirt from Childrens place that we just got the other day :)

Anyway, we played outside at home for awhile after lunch. Rachel was SO thrilled to be outside.. it was so cute watching her. She would just randomly run around in circles in the driveway, or sit in the yard and throw leaves up into the air. A little later on we went over to my SIL's house and played there for awhile. She watches kids at her house, so the kids had a lot of friends to play with. Caleb's "girlfriend" was there too. She was so funny, trying to get him to hold her hand and calling him her husband. She wanted to play house or things like that and all he kept saying was "I AM IRON MAN" and running around pretending to be a superhero. Thats my Caleb.. he gets stuck on one thing and that is his world for several weeks :) Anyway, they all had a blast and ran off some energy-- they slept GOOD at their naps that afternoon.

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