Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

Arnold was able to be off work for a 4-day weekend! He never gets Memorial Day off, so I was excited. Friday morning we dropped the big kids off and school and went out with Rachel. First we had to go by the bank and make a van payment and by the post office and mail a package (get the not-so-fun stuff out of the way.) Then we went out to do a little shopping. Looked around Hobby Lobby for more party stuff for Rachel but didn't really find anythying. Then we went to lunch at Village Inn. It seems like every time Arnold is off work we end up there--- its one of his all-time fave places! Then we stopped by and met up with my friend Mandy, who makes shirts-- she had made Caleb a graduation shirt and Rachel a bee shirt for his party next weekend. They turned out so cute and I loved them! After all that we decided to go home because Arnold said his stomach was hurting. We ended up all lounging around the house and resting for awhile when the kids got home. I had plans to go out that evening so I got all dressed up and ready, then plans fell through and I was bummed. So i asked one of my good friends, Jackie, if she wanted to go out. We met up at Ihop and got some dinner. I love their Ham and Egg Melt sandwich, yummy! Then we went next door to Barnes & Noble. I found 3 Janet Evanovich books in the clearance book section so i was SO excited. I also found a book on music for Arnold, that I'm putting back for one of his Father's Day gifts. I don't think Jackie and I ever go out shopping without stopping by at least one place you can buy books ;) Then we went over to Target. That place has changed even MORE. I love that we're getting a grocery section and all that, but its hard as heck to find what you need now. I ended up picking up some more toppings for Rachel's icecream social. It is going to be a fun party, I am getting more and more excited!! :)

Saturday morning the kids got up EARLY. And I mean early-- like 6 am. Arnold was ticked-- he likes to sleep in on the weekends. The kids were just excited because we had kept telling them that Sat. was the day of Caleb's Prek graduation party. I remember being a kid and not being able to sleep well when i got excited. Anyway, since we were up so early anyway we decided to go out to breakfast and hit up some yardsales. All the yardsales out were "old people stuff" if you know what I mean-- nothing of real interest. So i was pretty bummed that we had wasted a lot of gas and found nothing. But at the last minute we found one that had kid stuff. We ended up getting a few things and they were like $1 each so it was a good deal. Then since we still had some time to kill, we went to Kmart. Caleb had gotten some money from some family for his graduation, so he wanted to get a toy. He just couldn't wait to spend it (sounds like his daddy! ;) He found a little Transformers Lego set that Arnold helped him put together later on that day. The girls were bummed they weren't getting toys and gifts, so I had to have a little talk with them. I did give them a dollar each to keep in their pockets though (I am a big softie!) and they got some candy in the checkout line (jolly rancher chews for Brooke and Mini M&Ms for Rachel-- oh and a strawberry lemonade lollipop for Mommy ;) After that we went by Walmart to pick up Caleb's graduation Caleb. Glad at least my son like chocolate, so we were able to order chocolate for him (Brooke doesn't really care for chocolate-- that weirdo! ;)

At 11:15 or so we showed up at Dos Amigos for Caleb's party. We thought they opened at 11am but they dont open till 11:30 on saturdays so we sat outside at the door. It was hot so we were trying to crowd around and get some shade-- I know we looked crazy though! The lady must have felt sorry for us because she opened the door about 7 minutes early. Slowly people started to show up--there were both sets of grandparents, Arnold's sister and neice, and my good friend Jess from highschool and her son Hunter.. and my brother, Alex, was in for the weekend (for once!!) so he got to come too. We had a great time all chatting and eating lunch. Then we cut the cake and everyone enjoyed that, too. Caleb got more gifts-- a movie, an art set, and some more money (which he is still bugging me to spend!) I had a great time and it was cute to see him so excited. I decided to give him a gift from Arnold and I too, so we picked out a Teenage Mutant Ninga Turtle Remote-control car... and after Arnold put the batteries in it, two seconds later he was speeding it around the kitchen and living room.. so I guess it was a hit ;) The girls even seemed to like it alot.. may be one of those toys that gets fought over.

That afternoon we all went home and took a long nap-- felt good to rest! When we woke up we went by the church to clean. It is Arnold's job to make sure the church is clean every week, and he hasn't had any luck building up volunteers yet, so we are still helping him out. I vaccuumed the downstairs, all the rugs, and some of the classrooms. Caleb even helped a little and pushed a broom down the children's halls. :) After that we went to Mom and Dad's for dinner. Since Alex was in town they made "Crap in a Pot" for us-- but more famously known to normal people as "Low Country Boil" or something similar ;) It has shrimp, potatoes, onions, polish sausages, and corn on the cob all cooked outside in a big pot with special sauces and beer. It is sooo good and is a family favorite. After dinner my mom had angel food cake with fruit and whipped cream for dessert. The kids followed their Uncle Alex's footsteps and had their first shot of whipped cream straight in the mouth-- they loved that :) Mom surprised me with a "just because" gift-- "A Mom after God's Own Heart Devotional" book. I thought that was really sweet-- my mom is the best :) We didn't get home until really late that night.. Rachel was passed out in her seat before we even got out of the neighborhood! When we got back into town, we saw fireworks as we were driving along. So we stopped in the parking lot of Hardees and got the big kids out and let them sit on the top of the van while we all watched. It was such a sweet family moment, and one of those times I know we will remember fondly :) Too bad Rachel missed it!!!!

Sunday morning I didn't have to work in the baby classroom so we all got up and made cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Since we were up early anyway we went ahead to the 9:30 service. It felt strange since we never go that early, but it was nice because it wasn't that crowded at all. Since we got out so early we went on to brunch at Ocharleys. We haven't been out to eat at a nice place like that in a long time, so it was a special treat. After that we took the kids to the mall and let them play in the playarea for awhile. Like usual, brooke made a "friend" while she was there... my social butterfly! :) Then we went to walk around a few stores. Kirklands had a ton of OWL stuff. It was absolutely adorable. They had owl kitchen timers, owl candle holders, owl pillows, owl wall art--- even little owl purses for kids. I was tempted to buy every item there but knew I couldn't. Hope its still there next month and maybe I can get some of it for my birthday????! ;) Anyway, we were going to go to Rita's after that but the kids were getting fussy, so we just stopped by Taco Bell and got some of their Fruitista Freeze drinks. More drink for the money anyway, and we didn't even have to get out of the car ;) I love summertime for all the ice drinks! Just wish they would bring back the Pina Colada flavor they had the year I was pregnant with Rachel-- I kept them in business just buying that drink all the time!!! ;)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! :)

Caleb in his graduation shirt!

Caleb with his cake. Doesn't he look so grown up in this picture! He is going to be a cute fella!

Caleb with his GREAT Grandpa (Mom's dad) at Dos Amigos on Saturday

The stuff we found at a yardsale on Saturday. A hardback shape book for Rachel, a My Little Pony baby for Brooke, an animal carrier, an Iron man toy for Caleb (that worked great after replacing batteries!) and a kid's shape game from Discovery Toys (they were big back when I was a kid, I was excited to find this!)

My new OWL tumbler I got Fri night when shopping. I couldn't resist! ;)

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