Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

~I'm loving that I found these little bees online that you can order. They are edible! Thinking of getting some of these to put along the edge of Rachel's birthday cake this year. With that and flowers, it should be a cute cake :)

~Im loving that Mon. night Arnold went to band practice and I got the evening to myself after I put the kids to bed. I watched the season finale of Two and a Half Men. Just heard they signed on for another season. I am surprised, since even I can admit that the show is just not the same since Charlie Sheen left. But that man is whacko. Funny thing is I never watched it much before but I have watched every episode this past season. Plus Ashton is not bad to look at ;)

~I'm loving that yesterday they had a promo at McDonalds where you could get a small Cherry Berry Chiller for 49cents! It just so happened that I go see Arnold at work for lunch every Tues and when we went through the drive-thru I saw the sign. So i got one for lunch. Then that night we took the kids out and got EVERYONE one for less than $3. Can't beat a cheap treat like that every once in awhile ;)

~I'm loving that they just put out new animals and books at Kohls for their "Kohls Cares for Kids" charity. I always love getting the books! For some reason they dont have the dinosaur at our store?? But I did get the giraffe and the matching book for part of Rachel's bday present. She loves stuffed animals these days (so our house has become a zoo) When we went back later in the week she saw the frog and just had to have it. So I got it for her of course-- she is so spoiled but I love it! ;)

~I'm loving that I earned Kohls cash when shopping with the giftcard my mom gave me for Mother's Day. So i went back this week to use the Kohls Cash. I got this top... they had many different colors but of course I loved the one with green ;) It was on sale for $15 so I got it for free, then I got Rachel a shirt too, that has owls with glasses and says "Nerdy Birdies!" It was CUTE. The kid didnt need anymore clothes but I had to have it. I couldn't find a pic online. But she will be wearing it soon ;)

~I'm loving that today Rachel and I met Erika, Kenzie and Erika's mom at Chili's for lunch. They have the best lunch specials... I always get the turkey sandwich and loaded potato soup and its only $6. We also had a coupon for a free chocolate molten cake and we all shared it.. it was sooo good. Rachel had it ALL over her when we left. Rachel emjoyed chowing down on corn-on-the-cob-- one of her new favorites. It was a fun outing and I am hoping Erika agrees to do more lunches there with us ;)

~I'm loving that I took Rachel to the park this afternoon and we had it all to ourselves (well almost) And after awhile I found out why-- all the grass and soccer fields were SOAKED from the recent storms. I didn't even think about that. But Rachel still got to swing and play in the sand a little bit. She took her new frog with her, because she said she wanted to show him what the park was like (so sweet!) At least it was a nice day and not too hot while we were there.

~I'm loving that we found a Broby doll at a local consignment shop, and I'm saving it for Rachel's bday. She LOVES Yo Gabba Gabba lately (even I can sing most of the songs now!) and she seems to like Broby the best (the green one!) The broby doll walks, sings, and dances around. He also throws his arms around, which really tickled Arnold (I think broby is his favorite too ;) We had to change out the batteries but he works great. Arnold and I watched him dance for a good 10 minutes after the kids had gone to bed. Rachel is going to FREAK (in a good way hopefully ;)

~I'm loving this new book I am reading, "Tuesdays with Morrie." Or should I say OLD book. I know it was popular a long time ago. For goodness sakes, part of the book talks about Princess Diana and the O.J. Simpson trial! But I am hooked so far. Erika got me hooked on Mitch Album, I read another one of his books before this one. I got this book at Goodwill for 50cents I think. I LOVE going there to find books people donated.

~I'm loving that this girl is doing ok after her kidney transplant. She plays Haley on "Modern Family." We love that show and watch it every week. I had no idea she had gone through so many health problems in her life. You never know about people. I pray she will make a quick recovery and be doing well again soon!

~I'm loving that I finalized plans for Caleb's prek graduation party this week. We are going to do a lunch at Dos Amigos with family and a few close friends. I will get a cake made for him and maybe take some balloons with us. When I asked him what his favorite restaurant was he said "Mcdonalds." Hahaha! (he loves the toys from the happy meals) When we said pick again he said "Bojangles." Oh dear. So I picked for him ;) I am having a friend make him a graduation shirt too, I am excited to see it :)

~I'm loving last night's episode of Glee! They had a 2-hour special and so I was excited! They went to Nationals... I won't ruin anything for those who might not have watched it yet. But it was a great episode and there were lots of storylines that were cleared up. It was the best episode I had seen in awhile. I can't believe next week is the Season Finale. I wonder what will happen with the Seniors after graduation?????

~I'm loving that the Tweetsie trip with Brooke's class is coming up so soon! The parents who are going with the class went to a meeting on Mon. night. They went over details, rules, etc. Some of the moms couldn't go so the extra kids got paired up with other adults. So Brooke's friend Jenna is going to be with us that day. I am responsible for 2 kids instead of one.. guess it will be fun ;) I ended up meeting a parent there and we talked for awhile. I don't get to meet many of the parents since Arnold is the one who usually drops the kids off. I found out she is a pediatric nurse.. so I guess we are ok if anything happens (knock on wood!!) The kids are all excited for the trip.. and it even looks like good weather on the horizon! :)

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