Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Goals

1. Go to the 7-mile yardsale with friends, and hopefully find some good deals. I have gone for the past several years now. Sometimes its great, sometimes its a bust, just depends on the people that year and what they have. I'm always on the lookout for kids' books, kid's clothes in great condition, toys, and other various things. Its crazy what you can find sometimes, I found brand-new sandals for Brooke from target last year for $1. Even at Target they were $15+ for them. I have become addicted to finding good deals ;)

2. Help Arnold get through his very first performance with the new band. I know this is mostly on him, but I'm trying to encourage him. He's been really nervous about it. I know he wanted to impress the guys. He had his first practice with them last night, and I think it went pretty well. He said they got along great and got alot of work done. He is a great guitar player so I know he will do well. They are playing this Saturday at a car show at East Burke High School. There will also be food and other things, so anyone who wants to--come on out! I will be there of course! It starts at 3pm, and yes-- its kid friendly! :)

3. Jump back into Lifegroup. We took a break for awhile to sort some things out, find a new location and all that. We are supposed to be starting back up this Wed. evening. I have missed seeing everyone every week. It really has become such an important part of my life. Having these people to rely on, share my ups and downs with, pray with, and just enjoy life with.

4. Spend a whole day with my friends!!! I am so, so very excited about this one. For Mother's Day Arnold is going to watch the kids so I can go out for the whole day with some of my friends, and do a bunch of "girly" things. The day before Mothers Day to be exact. I am hoping to get nails done, go to lunch somewhere, go to the movies to maybe see "The 5-year Engagement" (heard it was pretty funny) and maybe do a little shopping. I can't imagine a better gift. Just having some time to myself will be so relaxing.

5. Find a nice dress. Preferably before Mother's Day, so I can wear it then. It has to be something that I think actually looks decent on me. I seriously need a new dress, people. I can't wear the same one over and over. I don't dress up that much, but when I do I want something like I actually like to wear!

6. Spend Mother's Day with the people I love. On actual Mother's Day I'm sure we will be going to church (I know it actually, because I have to work at the baby class at 9:30. Which means no sleeping in for me that morning I guess, I never thought about that until now!) I don't know what we are doing for lunch yet, but it will probably be with either Arnold of my parents. Then see the other set of parents that evening. I still need to find my Mom and MIL presents. That is something I did NOT accomplish that was on my list for April Goals.

7. Go on a "girl date" with my friend Natalie to see that new movie called "What to Expect when Expecting." Yes, its based on the book. Yes, it may be cheesy. But from what I hear, its going to be pretty darn funny! And I haven't gotten to see Natalie much at all lately, so its a good excuse to go out with her ;)

8. Celebrate a few good friend's bdays. Ah, we are all getting older, just a fact of life. Don't worry, my time is coming, and not too much longer either (July 1st-- don't forget!! ;)

9. Spend a fun-filled day with Brooke and her class at Tweetsie. They are going on Friday, May 18th as a day trip to celebrate a great Kindergarten year. They are asking parents to go along if they can, to help chaperone. I haven't been up there in SO long, so it will be fun. We decided on me going with Brooke, since Arnold got to go to the last "class event." I just hope the weather cooperates for us, because the event is rain or shine! And when spending $85 for the two of us to go, I'd like for it to be SHINE!!!! :)

10. Have a Graduation Party for Caleb. I know what you are thinking--isn't it just a little too early for that?! But they have a preschool graduation. Brooke had one last year. It was at a local church, down the road from their school. They even wear little caps and gowns. It was SO precious. I cried and cried at the thought of her growing up so quickly. Wonder if it will be any easier this year with Caleb? Probably not. I am a sappy mess, I must just get used to it! But anyway, we had a little party last year for Brooke, and we are going to do the same thing for Caleb this year. We had family and a few close friends over, and had a graduation cake made at Sam's. We then had a few snacks, and even though we didn't expect anything, everyone brought gifts.. thought that was really sweet. This year we might even try it at the park, if the weather is nice. I guess we will see.

11. Go to two Zumbathons. There is one my sister-in-law invited me to, and one a friend invited me to. I am going to try to go, even though everyone knows Zumba and I are not the best of friends. I tried it in the past and just did not like it. I know I'm a weirdo, everyone else I know LOVES it and goes all the time, and has actually lost a lot of weight! I am just so un-coordinated and "slow" when it comes to catching on to any type of dance move, so I always feel so stupid. Maybe I will feel better since it will mostly be made up of people I know. They will still laugh at me, but maybe it won't bother me as badly ;)

12. Have a Memorial Day Cookout. Enough said. I Love this time of year!!!

13. Finish the kids' rooms. The bunk beds are in. Caleb's room has been stripped of its "babyness." We just finished pulling down his border and other decorations from when we had it decorated as a Jungle theme when he was first born. We are now planning on doing a "Car" theme, and painting it light blue. Arnold even already painted over the big monkey he had painted on his wall for him (my husband is somewhat of an artist ;) I am excited to be moving on and getting the rooms done. Hopefully we won't have to change them again for a long time, because this has been a lot of work!!

14. Get new glasses. This is actually getting done today! They called me last night and said my new pair I ordered last week are in. 2 days earlier than expected, thats impressive. Can't wait to be able to see again!!!!

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