Thursday, May 31, 2012

Awards, Kittens, & Vacation, Oh My!

Tues evening there was a Girl Scout Banquet at a local church, to give out awards to leaders and volunteers in the area. My Sister-in-Law is a troop leader (same group Brooke is in of course) and so she was able to get spots for us to go, too. They had catered in Salsarita's mexican food for dinner, and it was soo yummy. Brooke must have thought so too because she ate everything on her plate! Then they had a HUGE cake that we had for dessert. On the tables they had flower centerpieces.. girls had made them homeade, and they were really cute. Brooke got to take our's home to keep in her room. They also had little favor bags filled with M&M's and a little tag at the top that said "100 Years" for the anniversary of Scouting. All in all it was a great night and I'm glad we got to go. I was a Girlscout growing up, for 12 years, and Jenn had signed me up for 3 more years "volunteer." So that night I got the "15 Year" pin award. I thought that was really neat, I wasn't really expecting it until Jenn told me. I felt proud to have gotten it.. now trying to figure out where to put it since I don't have a uniform anymore to put the pin on ;)

Brooke and her Aunt Jenn after the ceremony

Wednesday Arnold got an email from a lady at work-- it was sent out to everyone at his company. Her cat had had kittens and they needed to find homes for them. He called me and asked if we could get one for the kids. I was like WHERE IS MY HUSBAND?! Most of yall know Arnold isn't much into pets, and especially not CATS. I guess he is getting soft in his old age ;) He said he wanted to get a pet for the kids since they were getting older. So I told him I was ok with it (just one more thing to take care of-- no big deal right?!) And that evening we went over to the lady's house to pick one out. There were several gray ones and they were so cute, and Caleb picked out the actual one we took home. She seemed really playful and seemed to like us, so it seemed like a good fit :) The kids were OBSESSED with that kitten.. they played with her all evening. Brooke tried to put her in her dollhouse. I found her in her bed. I also found Rachel carrying her around several times. It was so adorable. I think Arnold had a good idea. I don't think hes going to be able to top this gift to the kids ;) Anyway, we named the kitten Molly and she is slowly adjusting to her new home :)

We hung around the house last night and watched "One for the Money" (yes I FINALLY got to watch it!) And the kitten loved snoozing on Arnold. Arnold seems to be getting attached already (aww hes a big softie! ;) Arnold stayed up late last night (like usual) and got her to fall asleep in the living room. We laid out a blanket for her, but ended up finding her in the corner beside the tv shelf this morning. It was so cute-- when Arnold came to our bedroom last night to tell me goodnight the kitten started "crying" because she was looking for him :) :)

Arnold had today and tomorrow off work, so we went to visit Caleb at school for lunch (we are going to see Brooke tomorrow) He was surprised and came running over to us when we got there :) We ate with him and had hamburgers and mashed potatoes and of course rice krispie treats for dessert (what the kids always want us to buy them when we go visit) This is our last time having lunch with the kids this school year-- isnt that CRAZY?! Last day of school is next Friday. This year has flown by.

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