Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Brain Dump

I am currently reading a book called "7 Things He'll Never Tell You.. But you need to Know." It is written by a man, he has written several other books that I have read and liked. Looked a little cheesy, so I wasn't sure how it would be, but I am liking it so far. Obviously it is a book about men and how we are different, and what to do about it to make relationships work well. In the perfect world it would come natural to us how to live with, respond to, and love our spouses, but unforunately it doesn't. Men are a mystery to me! Arnold jokes around with me when I am reading books like these. He asked me to tell him what the book was saying and he would tell me if it was true or not :P

Has anyone tried this new Cherry Berry Chiller drink from McDonalds? I saw it on the menu the last time I was there, heard it would be a limited-time menu item, for the summer. Since I like icy drinks (and cherry!) thought I might like it. But I was wrong when I thought I'd like the strawberry-lemonade drink they had last year! To me it was so bitter and gave me horrible heartburn. Couldn't even finish the whole thing. Anyway--  maybe I will try this cherry one soon. Everything is worth trying once, right??

Rachel and I decided to surprise Brooke and go have lunch with her at school yesterday. We didn't let them know we were coming, we just showed up. At the same time we were walking in, Brooke was walking to the table where her class was sitting, and proceeded to slip, and her plate went flying and landed upside down on the floor. There was pizza, broccoli, and strawberries all over the place. Her assistant teacher was down cleaning it up. Then Brooke looked over and saw me, ran over to me and threw her arms around me, and burst out crying. I mean the kid was hysterical, red face and all. Her teacher came over and was trying to calm her down, got her a new plate, and even carried it over to the table FOR HER. We kept telling her it was ok and accidents happen, but that girl was so upset. I think she was more embarassed than anything. Made me sad to see her like that. To be fair, no one in the cafeteria was even watching, they didn't care. But I'm sure it didn't feel like that to her. I am happy to note that the rest of lunch went well, it was a nice little visit.

Now that I found a place to have Rachel's birthday party that will allow icecream, I am back to brainstorming ideas for an icecream social. That is going to be the main focus of the party (the theme is still bees!) I am going to buy different kinds of icecream and cones, and then have lots of toppings sitting out in bowls for people to make their own. Anyone have any ideas for good topping ideas? I am so excited about this! All my kids love icecream (and me too :)

Last night was Thursday, so that meant I was working at the Pregnancy Care Center. It was a low-key evening, and not much was going on, as in people coming in and me having to stay busy at the reception desk. So i was in the back sorting through clothes donations-- sorting, hanging, and putting them up in the right areas. I love looking through the baby clothes, the tiny outfits just bring out my baby fever even more! I can't believe my kids ever fit into clothes that small, seems like so long ago. One of the other volunteers stayed longer than her usual shift to do some cleaning, so I got to talk to her and know her a little better. That's nice-- I don't know many of the volunteers since I work evenings. The rest of the evening I worked on putting folders together. I was supposed to attach these little fasteners inside the folders, and they had sharp edges. I sliced the heck out of my finger on one of them and blood was everywhere. I didn't even know where or IF we even had a first aid kit, so I had to get some help. But after a cleaning and a bandaid I was ok :) I would be the one to get hurt at doing something so low-key. I am an accident waiting to happen sometimes!

Big Bang Theory is my current favorite show, it is so hilarious. Arnold and I watch together every Thurs. night. But last night he was at band practice (A special practice since they have an actual gig this weekend). So i watched by myself.. thank goodness it was a new episode, I hate the weeks where they have re-runs! Last night was hilarious.. I loved how Sheldon starting actually having "affectionate" feelings for Amy. And Raj actually looked pretty cute in that tuxedo! Take the nerdy clothes off them and not too shabby ;) Although I've always thought Leonard was pretty cute, anyway. I may just be weird-- I'm a nerd myself ;)

Today the kids had Field Day at school. I wished I could have gone out and helped as a volunteer, but its so hard to do anything like that during the day with Rachel. When she goes to Pre-K next year I know I will get a lot more volunteer opportunities at the school. Anyway, Brooke was so excited, she even woke up 30 minutes earlier this morning (did not make Arnold and I very happy, needless to say!!) They wore bathing suits under their clothes, had to take towels, and I lathered them down with sunscreen before they left. I hated to send them to school all greasy, but the teachers told us to! Rachel wanted in on the action so I spread some on just one of her legs. She had to get a bath right after that anyway ;) From what I heard after school the kids had a great time. They brought home plenty of wet clothes and towels for me to wash though-- oh well, all in a day.
I know how bad it is for me, but all I keep thinking about this week is how badly I want those chili cheese fries! Wendy's has new "Signature Sides" you can order now on their menu. I don't even want to think about how many calories are in those things. I've been trying to save money this week anyway, so didn't make my usual stop by Wendy's on the way home from the Preg Care Center last night. Thank goodness or those babies would have been mine! Anyone tried any of their new sides???

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