Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

~Earlier in the week I got a big surprise! My Father-in-Law bought him, me, and Arnold tickets to the Skynyrd concert this summer! He got it for my Mother's Day/Birthday present, and I could not be happier! I found out they were FINALLY coming to town in August, and it is on a Friday night-- works out perfectly with the kids, etc. Of course I wanted to go but wasn't sure if I was going to be able to buy tickets right now since so much is going on lately that I'm having to shell $$$ out on. So that news just made my day. These next 3 months are going to drag by I'm sure. That will be one awesome night-- they are coming with the Allman Brothers. It will be my 8th Skynyrd Show.. I am a hard-core fan, even went once when I was 9 months pregnant ;)

~I happened to come across a book on Brad Paisley online at Barnes & the other day, and I had a coupon, so I ordered it for Arnold. I am going to save it for him as one of his Father's Day presents. He really likes him (so does his dad) and have gone to his concert a few times. Plus, what girl doesn't like him.. he's a cutie! ;)

~Tuesday night they had a leadership night at church. Since Arnold is now a leader in the church (leader of the Levites!) we got to go. They had a "mexican theme" and had tacos for dinner. For drink they had lemonade, and in the cups with ice they had put little gummy worms, thought that was adorable! Took mine right out and ate it ;) Then after sitting around for awhile and eating, and getting to talk to some of our friends, they had a church service. Well really more like a meeting? Not sure what to call it. They had some awesome worship music, then the pastor from the Mtn View campus came and talked to everyone. We talked about what everyone can do to be better leaders, bring people to the church, etc. And Arnold finally got to meet the guy that holds his key to the church! So he will now "officially" become a leader. It was a really fun night :)

~The Glee "prom" episode was this week. I was waiting and waiting for that. I really love the way it turned out with the prom king and queen ;) The guys also sang "She don't know she's beautiful" which is one of the songs stuck in my head lately-- love it! (by the way I know that is incorrect grammar, but I had to write it the way they sing it ;) Tonight is the Season Finale of both "Big Bang Theory" and "The Office." One thing I don't like about the summer-- all the re-runs, and having to wait a few months before your fave shows come back!!!

~Brooke got her progress report this week (the last one they will have this year.) She got all "satisfactory" down the page, except for that big "non-satisfactory" that she had beside "Focus and Attention." Her teacher has been watching her all year, and said she has really struggled in that area. She says most kids have an "off" day every now and again, but Brooke has problems every single day. And she has never gotten better-- if anything she has gotten worse. I really like and respect her teacher, and know she cares about Brooke very much, so if she is worried about her, I am too. She thinks we should maybe get some more tests done on her. I don't know if it is an ADD thing, or is related to the abnormal EEG she had awhile back or what. I am trying not to worry, but as a Mom you know I do! I just hope she doesn't have something going on that is going to hold her back and make things tough in the future. Prayers for her would be great! :)

~Yesterday I took Rachel to her friend Elia's house to play. It was a last-min thing that her Mom invited us over for a playdate and I'm so glad she did! They recently got a pet bunny named Carrot, so we got to see him. He is so adorable, and actually let the girls carry him around like a baby and push him around in their toy shopping cart. (he is a trooper! ;) Rachel got a chance to feed him some celery and even kissed him goodbye before we left. I am almost tempted to ask Arnold if we can get a pet bunny (but I know what he will say-- he doesn't want anything else around here to have to clean up after and feed! ;) They also let us stay and have lunch. I am glad we are forming good friendships with them, because they are great people! :)

~Last night Lifegroup started back up for a "new semester." We had a pretty good turnout, which I was happy to see. We are meeting at a new house now, and we almost got lost getting there (didn't help that it was pouring rain on the way!) but everything ended up ok. We had.. wait for it.. tacos! Yes, leftover from the leadership thing the night before.. haha! We all had taken our kids with us, and we usually have a sitter, but we didn't last night. So the kids ran WILD in there and it was pretty chaotic. Rachel ended up marking all up and down her arms with a black marker and even gave herself a little mustache. At least it was dry-erase marker and not sharpie! We had a few new people in the group, so it was nice to meet them. I hope they decide to stick around even after they saw how crazy our group is ;) We all have a lot of fun-- I am lucky to be in the group I am! :)

~Today was pay day, so Rachel and I had to go out and pay the bills. It's crazy how fast money goes, isn't it. Seems like we had a lot at first and it only took less than an hour to watch that money dwindle down. Oh well, we have been blessed, so I have to remember that!

~Today we went by the school and surprised Caleb, and had lunch with him. He ran up on the stage and gave me a big hug when he saw me (unlike Brooke who kinda doesn't act all that excited over me anymore, ha!) We had lunch together and then I bought the kids some treats for dessert-- they usually can't get them unless a parent is there, so they were excited. The kids in his class crack me up, they are always fighting to tell me stories and stuff when I come around. This one boy today was telling me about all his past pet dogs and how they died. Um.. interesting, lol! In the minds of 4 and 5 year olds!

~For one of the teacher goodies I did this week for "Teacher Appreciation Week" was getting some candy at the store and adding cute tags with it. I got M&M's and gummy bears. To the gummy bears I added a tag that said "You're the BEARY best teacher" and to the M&M's I added a card that had a poem about teachers I had found on Pinterest. Each color meant something, and then it said they were a "Magnificent" and "Marvelous" teacher. M&M-- get it? Haha. Then the kids signed their names on the cards. Brooke said her teachers loved it and gave her a big hug. I am now trying to come up with a good idea for them for the end of the year. Any ideas????

~Only 2 more days until I go on my girls' day with friends, to celebrate Mother's Day! I think we have locked down our final plans. We are going to eat at a local mexican restaurant (wow-- mexican AGAIN this week-- maybe I should have re-thought that? ;) Then going across the street to get manicures. Then we will do a little shopping probably, and go to an afternoon showing of that new movie "The 5-year Engagement." It looks pretty funny, hope it is. Arnold still says he will do work around here while we are gone, so I am hoping to come home that evening to clean house and van.. but we will see ;)

~Heard a saying on a commercial last night about dads and their kids-- he said "You don't know true love until you have wiped someone's butt!" Isn't that the truth!!!! I busted out laughing and told Arnold that that so described him and Caleb. Caleb has always had digestive issues and had to take a laxative, and occasionally we run into problems with him having LOTS of accidents. So let's just say even at nearly 5 years old Arnold still has to wipe his butt a lot of times.

Hope everyone is having a great week!!!! :)

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