Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend Review!

Friday evening we were all really tired from a long day, so we decided to go by McDonalds and get some dinner. While I was there, I tried the Cherry Berry Chiller drink I had asked about in another blog. It was pretty good, just a little tart/tangy. I prefer the strawberry drinks from Taco Bell. But it wasn't TOO bad, I did end up drinking it all ;) That evening I went by the video place down the road and rented two movies for Arnold and I to watch this weekend. After the kids went to bed we watched "Crazy Stupid Love." II never got around to watching it when it came out, It is on a lower shelf at our movie store and I always pass over it when I go in there, but I rememered to get it this time. It wasn't as good as I had expected it to be, but it was ok. I love Steve Carrell! Why does he always get put in the parts that make him look like a loser? Haha! Poor guy, but I do love him, and miss him on The Office!

Saturday morning I had to get up REALLY early (for me that was 6am) and get Brooke and I ready. I knew there was no way I could get away with not waking the other kids up, and sure enough-- they were all up by 6:30 (poor Arnold!) I had to drop Brooke off at church at 6:45 since the girlscouts were leaving for camp. She was so excited to go and barely even stopped running around with her friends to give me a hug before she left. :( But I knew she was in good hands and would have a good time! Since I was up really early anyway, I went ahead onto the 7-Mile yardsale. It is a really long street near my house that has a big yardsale every year, and just about everyone down there participates. It is a mad house on the street though, lots of traffic, and people actually walking down the main road, so you always have to be on the lookout. Anyway, I had to go by myself this year so it wasn't a lot of fun, and I didn't go to as many as I usually do. I did find a few things though-- sandals for Brooke, some books for the kids, shorts for Caleb, teeny tiny baby shoes (that were brand new!) for a friend of mine who is having a baby in August, a Mickey Mouse nightlight for Caleb's room, and a book for me (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo--been wanting to read it, and got it for $1, so can't beat that!) Around 10am it started raining, so I am actually glad I ended up going home early.

Speaking of the rain, I had been praying ALL week (several times!) that it wouldn't rain on Saturday, at least during the afternoon, so that the show would still go on, and Arnold would get to play. He wasn't too concerned about it, he said that they could always use more practice. But I prayed and prayed, and was even watching the hourly weather changes online (ha). I must admit, I was pretty worried, but I knew whatever happened was for a reason. Right up until the time of the show it was pretty cloudly, and rained off and on. But then a little while before, the sky cleared up TOTALLY and it was sunny! I was so incredibly happy, and I was saying Thank you God, believe me! The show didn't have as good a turnout as everyone had hoped, probably because of the weather changes and it being so darn HOT out there. But it was still a lot of fun. After working on a few sound difficulties, they played their show and I always love seeing Arnold playing guitar in front of a lot of people-- I feel really proud ;) It was Rachel's first time seeing her daddy play out somewhere and she seemed to not really care (ha!) But was busier playing with her Grandparents and friends, and the sand pit that they use for the highschool track team. They had food for sale, and I swear while we were there Caleb ended up eating a hotdog, hamburger, 2 cherry sno cones, 2 bags of chips, and a bottle of water. His grandparents and aunts and uncles kept going up and getting him stuff when he wanted it-- once again-- SPOILED!!!! ;) Two of my friends came out and hung out with me for awhile-- unfortunately they had to leave and didn't get to see most of the show, but it was fun while it lasted! Even Brooke's Kindergarten teacher was there, and we got to say hi. She said she didn't know so much talent came from her very own classroom ;) (Brooke's daddy and her friend's daddy are both in that band!) Thank goodness Arnold's mom brought along sunscreen, because it was SO hot out there and we would have ended up fried. Arnold actually did end up with a pretty decent sunburn. Anyway, overall It was a great time, and the sky turned cloudy again as the thing wrapped up. It's like the weather was good JUST for the show (or I'd like to think so! ;) God is so good!

That evening we had planned on a date night after the show was over. The show ended up ending a little later than we had planned on, so we didn't get out on our date until later, but at least we still got to go! We dropped the kids off at Arnold's parents' house (by then Caleb was already asking for more food-- he is a bottomless pit these days!) We went out to dinner at Village Inn Pizza (Arnold's very favorite place!) and afterwards we were going to go to Rita's across the street, but I was stuffed, so we passed on that. We went to Target to walk around, and I got to show Arnold how different it looks now in there.. I can't believe how everything changed, but it really does look better! Remember how I said in another blog I was trying hard to save money this week? Well I left Target and didn't buy a single THING so I was proud of myself ;) We then went to Barnes and Noble (one of MY fave places, a book-lovers dream store) We first stopped by the cafe so Arnold could get a drink. He got black cherry drink in a glass bottle, and I got a big chocolate chip cookie. Expensive just for little snacks, but worth it every once in awhile, especially with their member card ;) Then we browsed Arnold for awhile and sat down to look at some magazines. In the middle of reading, Arnold FELL ASLEEP! I knew he was exhausted after the show, but dang. My husband fell asleep during our date, sitting up. I should be offended.. but.. it was a special circumstance, I forgive him ;) Poor guy. I ended up buying two new books while we were there, the book Jane Lynch wrote (she plays Sue on Glee!) and a book by Joel Olsteen. (don't worry-- they were in the Bargain books section so I didn't spend that much! ;) After we picked up the kids and went home we went straight to sleep and slept ALL night, and even got to sleep in. The kids sleep better when Brooke isn't home, I have discovered!!!! :)

Sunday morning I got up and went to church earlier than everyone else and worked in the Boxcar Babies class. We had 2 girls right around the age of Rachel (she loves them both-- they are all BFF's ;) and a 10 month old baby that is usually in there. She sat on my lap most of the time and I played with her while the big girls ran around and made a mess (i love that age and am at least used to it since I have Rachel!) Then we went to the 11am service when Arnold got there. He only had to get TWO kids ready for church this weekend, and he still barely made it there on time. He said they ran into problems last-min finding shoes. Poor guy-- gotta love him-- at least they made it there! ;) After church the girlscouts had made it back from camp, so I went to pick up Brooke while Arnold went to pick us up some lunch. I had expected a bigger response from Brooke when I picked her up (after all-- I had missed her!!) but she was just like "hey mom." She was too busy playing with her cousin I guess! But she had a good time, and told me all about it when we got into the car :)

That afternoon while the kids had some quiet time in their rooms, Arnold and I watched the other movie I had rented "New Year's Eve." It was another one of those movies that had a TON of celebs in it and a few different story lines, so it was sort of hard to keep up with what was going on sometimes. But it was pretty good. Several of the scenes towards the end actually made me cry! Then that evening we went over to Brooke's boyfriend's house for a cookout. They had invited us over for hotdogs and hamburgers-- I thought that was so sweet! The kids played in the yard together while the food cooked, and i looked through some of their leftover yardsale stuff for Caleb. Their son is just a little older than him. Chrissy and Pete ended up telling us the news that they are moving in July. I was really bummed to hear that, we will miss them a lot, but I know they are excited for everything new that will be coming their way in the future. I just don't have the heart to tell Brooke that she is losing her very first "boyfriend" ever. Her and Malachi have become very close. Pete is a Methodist preacher, and they get moved around to new churches every couple of years. I grew up Methodist, so I am used to that, but it never gets any easier losing preachers you have become used to and love! (sidenote-- I am so glad that our Pastor, Jesse, is sticking around for at least another year-- they announced it in church this morning ;) But anyway, we had a great time at their house, and the kids seriously did not want to leave. We had to basically drag them home at the end, so we could get them ready for bed.

Arnold playing at the Show

Karla, Amy and I hanging out at the show (and baby Aiden! :)

Rachel, Caleb and I after church on Sunday. I am wearing my childcare worker t-shirt ;)

Brooke and Malachi sunday evening. We made them get that close and hold hands ;)

Brooke at camp with her cousin Bekah, and friend, Sarah. 

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