Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"That's Pinteresting!"

Thought this was such a good idea. Kids can earn "bedtime passes" where they can use them to stay up a certain time longer after their normal bedtime. I guess they could get them along with bday presents, in stockings, for doing chores, or whatever. My kids would love these. They are always asking to stay up just a "little longer." 

This is a gift idea for someone. To put money in a tissue box that is wrapped up, but put it in by $1 bills and pull them out one by one, like tissues. Would make it seem like a lot more money, and would be fun to watch their reaction, especially for kids. I may seriously try this with my kids soon. They love having their own money these days.

This idea was to go around town with your child and find numbers that correspond with their upcoming age (for their birthday pictures.) I would love to do this with Rachel next month. Now to come up with some ideas of places where I could find the number 3???

Love these bookshelves mounted beside the girl's bed. I could do this in the kid's room. I wonder if that would make them stay up later in their rooms at night though.. because after all, I have some little bookworms! (they go that from me!) 

They said they put an Ikea frame around their thermostat. I can't decide if it's silly or cute. But I do kinda like it. It would make the hallway a little fancier I guess ;)

This would be a great idea for any family members (easiest with "Mom" or "Dad" since we have exactly 3 kids ;) Have them hold up letters (you could paint them any colors you wanted!) and then take pictures and put them in a frame. This would be cute to do for Father's Day.

Create a Memories Jar! I love to remember things that have happened (one of the reasons I like this blog!) You can write down little memories or sayings from the kids or whatever, as the year goes by, put them in the jar, and then it suggests opening the jar and reading them on New Year's Eve. Would be a fun way to re-live the year. As a very sentimental person, I LOVE this idea!

Memorial Day is coming up soon, and these would be fun to make! My kids LOVE strawberries. They eat a whole carton at one sitting. You can cover the half with yogurt, and the bottom with blue sprinkes and make them patriotic! I am going to do this for sure! Yummy!

This is just one of the many end-of-the-year or "teacher appreciation" week ideas I've seen on Pinterest lately. I love this where you get the teachers a nice cup, fill it with Starburst candies, and put a tag on that says "You're the Star of Our School." You could also stick something else in there too, like maybe a Giftcard? I think this is something I will do at the end of this year for the kids' teachers. 

I must say I love this owl tattoo! Even though I'd never get this on me, it's pretty to look at, don't you think?!

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