Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

~I'm loving watching the girls interact when it comes to their new bunkbeds. The other morning we found Rachel on the top bed, laying beside Brooke. They told us that she had slept there the whole night. I was surprised they did so well (and so, so relieved that Rachel didn't fall down!) I think they are going to have a strong bond as they grow up. I am excited to watch the sister relationship, I never had a sister.

~I'm loving that Caleb's teacher told me that she loved his new haircut and couldn't resist running her hands all over his head at school. His hair is so fuzzy and soft, I love doing that too! Caleb really loves his haircut and loves showing it off. The other day a little boy in his class yelled out that "Caleb is bald!!!!" I think it embarassed him a little, but it was hilarious.

~I'm loving that next week is Teacher-Appreciation week at the kids' school. PTA Parents send home a paper in May giving suggestions of how to "spoil" the teachers this week, to thank them for all they do. I am all for that, teachers don't get appreciated nearly enough! Back at Christmas-time I gave the teachers gifts, along with personal letters written by me, thanking them for all they do and how good they are to my kids. Brooke's teacher came up to me and personally thanked me for the letter, and said it meant more to her than the actual gift. I thought she was going to cry. I could tell it meant alot, and I'm so glad I chose to write it.

~I'm loving that I found a ride up to Tweetsie. One of Brooke's BFFs at school's Mom is driving up there, and she said I could ride along. She said she hoped I wasn't scared of her driving. Ha! She has obviously never ridden anywhere with me, right??? :) Anyway, she is a lifesaver and I am feeling much more relaxed about the whole thing now.

~I'm loving that next week Glee

~I'm loving that it looks like a date night may just be in the works for Saturday evening. Arnold is trying to get his parents to watch the kids so we can go out to dinner after he plays at the show. It so happens that Sat is also Cinco De Mayo. I love to go out to Mexican every year with the family, so we might do that if its not too crowded. Maybe we will FINALLY get around to seeing "Hunger Games." I guess we will have to wait and see.

~I'm loving that Brooke goes on her first first camping trip this Saturday. Once again, this is a time that I am so thankful that my Sister-in-law is her troop leader, because she can go on the camping trip and I am able to stay home. With Arnold playing the show, I will need to be with the little kids. Plus, I have to work in the baby class at church on Sun morning (she will be gone overnight). I know she is so very excited about it. It brings back so many memories for me, since I was a girlscout for 12 years when I was in school.

~I'm loving that somehow we got going earlier than usual this morning (despite hitting the snooze button like we always do!) and got the kids ready to go without even rushing around. They had time to eat apple oatmeal for breakfast too (their new favorite thing, go figure). And Arnold got them to school on time and everything was good :)

~I'm loving that I finally found the new Kate Gosselin book at a decent enough price for me to justify buying it. I found it at Big Lots for $3 the other week (sometimes you can find good books there cheap) and I read it the past 2 days. Yes I know she is so "over" but since I used to be so into her show and family I wanted to read it anyway. It was pretty good, it was at least worth the $3. I loved that she wrote letters to each of her kids in the book. I really need to do that with my kids, so they will have them in the future.

~I'm loving that this morning Rachel and I met Erika and Kenzie at the mall for a playdate. It had been too long. We didn't get to play in the playarea, unfortuantely. But we did walk around a little bit and chat. Since they weren't open for lunch yet at Chick Fila we decided to go have breakfast!! I had never had breakfast at Chick Fila.. there is just not one anywhere close to our house. It was pretty good. Rachel just ate a fruit cup.. she kept wondering where her chicken nuggets were, haha.

~I'm loving that they are totally re-doing the mall play area. Did anyone know that? They had everything ripped up and taken out, and signs up that it wouldn't be available to play again until the end of the week. Hopefully it will be nicer and better, that other one was getting old. When I first saw, I thought they were just cleaning it. Obviously it needed that too, I never see anyone clean that place. I can only imagine all the germs. Im pretty laid back about germs and even that place makes my skin crawl at times! Anyway, so many things are closing at the mall. I've noticed Hallmark and Gap are two of the most recent ones. I can't believe our mall is still open and thriving, honestly. I hope things get better.

~I'm loving that Rachel and I went to the park after the playdate. It was a last minute decision, as we have one right down the road from our house. We almost had the whole place to ourselves. It was SO incredibly hot today, I know it is at least in the 80s right now. I hung out in the shade at the picnic table and texted a few friends while Rachel played in the sand. We tried to swing, but she said the swings were too hot. We stayed about an hour before we were both ready to go home and cool off!!

~I'm loving that my new glasses came back in and I picked them up yesterday. They fit really well, are comfy, and I think they look pretty good. I don't mind wearing them all the time now. The lady who fitted me with them said that one of my eyes and eyebrows are slightly higher than the other. She said that she thought the glasses were the problem but "no, it was just my face." I would have been offended but she said that it was ok, because she was the same way ;) Its ok, I am used to it, I have always been a little lopsided ;) 

~I'm loving that Rachel and I shared a tube of Mini M&M's earlier this week. She wanted a treat while we were at Walmart, and I can never resist her. She even picked the green tube (she is just like her mama!) Am I crazy that I think the tiny M&M's are even tastier than the big ones?? I don't know, I just love chocolate to begin with.

~I'm loving that I am doing good about saving money this week. I am trying not to go out and use as much gas (even though the prices are dropping a little bit at the station down the road from us-- yay!) and trying not to buy a lot of extras. We go out to get icecream alot, so earlier in the week we bought 2 tubs of icecream at the grocery store (it was buy one, get one free) and we have been making cones of that all week. Has saved a lot of money and we get it more often that way. I am trying to save because these next few months are going to be crazy with Mothers Day, Caleb's Graduation, Rachel's bday, etc. Money just doesn't grow on trees, as we all know!

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