Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

Arnold was able to be off from work to spend the day with us this Memorial Day! We went outside that morning after dressing the kids in their patriotic outfits and took a few pictures (thanks Mom for letting me borrow your camera-- our's is still broke and we don't know if we are going to try to get it fixed or just get a new one!)

We stopped by a local church after lunch so Arnold could go to a receiving. His cousin's husband lost his dad the other day. We are so sorry for their family and praying for them! Then we went up to Party City and met up with a good friend of our's and her son, Hunter. They were doing some party shopping for his first birthday! I can't believe its time for that already. Hunter and Rachel have a birthday in the same week! June 16th and 18th they will turn 1 and 3 :) Anyway, while we were waiting on them to get there we went to the back of the store where they had dress up stuff and costumes and the kids had a blast trying on all the hats. Of course I snapped pictures while we were there ;) Some cheap entertainment if you ask me, haha! ;) When Jess got up there we looked around for birthday stuff. Did yall know they have personalized balloons (which Jess ended up getting HUNTER balloons!), personalized candles, and CONFETTI?! I wanted to get some of that but it was pretty expensive just to be wiped off onto the floor! I am tempted to buy lots and lots of cute party stuff for Rachel but know I shouldn't go too crazy because the party will be over with in two hours and all will be forgotten :P I do love planning parties though...

After shopping we took the kids to Udderly Delicious for some icecream. Its been awhile since I've been there, I'd forgotten how YUMMY icecream is (I've been so busy going to Ritas to get italian ice lately!) I got oreo icecream in a cone, and the kids all got strawberry. Then we let the kids play putt putt (their first time!) Caleb seemed to have a good time and tried to learn the actual game by watching what Arnold did. Brooke kept getting frustrated and at one point I saw her actually pick up her ball and PLACE it in the hole. And Rachel.... well Rachel was running from hole to hole playing her own little game and sticking her head under things trying to see what was going on. Thank goodness she was free (3 and under!) since she was pretty much doing nothing... but at least she had fun ;) It took forever to get through the course but at least we can say the kids have tried it now. Brooke was extremely upset that the last hole took her ball back and we had to explain to her that's how it was SUPPOSED to work ;)

That afternoon when we got home the kids watched "The Lion King." I had rented it..they had never seen it before. They really liked it, even Brooke sat through most of it, and we all know how hard it is to get Brooke to sit still! I loved hearing the songs again and singing along.. I even had the soundtrack when I was a little girl ;) Later that evening we grilled out hotdogs, and then had fresh strawberries for dessert. I had bought vanilla yogurt and was going to dip them in and add blue sprinkles and make the "patriotic strawberries" like I had seen on Pinterest, but Arnold cut them all up into little pieces for the kids before I got a chance. Oh well, at least I had TRIED to do something cute for the kids ;) Arnold thought he was having a band practice that night since the band practices on Monday nights, so he left for that. But she showed back up a few minutes later (Brooke said-- That was the SHORTEST practice EVER daddy! ;) Turns out they had cancelled since it was a Holiday, and Arnold hadn't gotten the memo--oops! But we were glad to have him home with us :)

After we put the kids to bed Arnold and I watched a movie I had rented called "A Little Help." It had the girl Jenna Fischer (who plays Pam in The Office) and I thought it would be worth a shot. Well the whole movie was just downright depressing if you ask me. I watched the whole thing since I had payed for it, but I wouldn't recommend it! I had tried yet once again to rent "One for the Money" and they were out (AGAIN!) I am starting to think I'm not meant to watch that movie :( But darnit I really want to! I told Arnold we could rent it online but he didn't want to "watch it on our computer." So I guess I am waiting until it comes back into the movie rental place (hurry up people!!!) After the movie it was still pretty early and I was bored so I looked up country music videos on You Tube. Sad ones, about kids growing up. I have been pretty sad lately, thinking about Caleb graduating Prek, Rachel turning 3 in less than 2 weeks, and stuff like that. I can't believe I will be able to say soon that I am the "Mother of a 1st Grader" (when did I get so old?!) I must have sat on the floor and cried for a good 10 minutes watching those videos. Arnold thought I was going crazy. But when I turned on Alan Jackson's "Remember When" it got to him-- does it every time ;) 

The girls in their matching patriotic shirts :)

Happy Memorial Day!

The kiddos with their Daddy :)

Hunter doing a little shopping with his Aunt Abby :)

First time playing Putt Putt!

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