Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

Finished reading number 12 of the Stephanie Plum series last night. I am loving this series, thought I would have gotten tired of it by now. I liked this one, and can't wait to start the next one because they left a few things hanging...

Brooke is going with her girlscout troop to Hickory Dickory Dock tonight for an end of year party. She will have a blast, I know. Thankfully my SIL Jenn is letting her stay there with her, so I don't have to haul the other kids up there. I don't think I am ready for that kind of stress tonight! Brooke is sad that scouts is over for the year, she plans on starting back again next year, though.

The band Arnold is in is playing tonight at a local sports bar, called Crawdaddy's. Never been, but know a lot of people who like it there. It will be a late night for him I guess... and I will be putting the kids to bed. Wish I could be there to see him play, but someone has to be the responsible adult (haha just kidding honey! ;)

Tonight is the Season Finale of Glee! I can't wait to see it, but I also don't want to see it end, since I'll have to wait until Fall to see what happens next. I can't wait to see everyone graduate. I am way too invested in these characters! (especially Finn-- yummy! ;)

My friend Mandy has a business making shirts like these. She made one for Caleb, for his graduation. She is going to wear it to his party this saturday! We are having family and a few close friends go to lunch at Dos Amigos. I ordered him a cake yesterday.. chocolate with white and royal blue icing (his school colors) and a little cap and scroll on it. He is excited about all the attention (his sister already got it all last year and now its his turn!) They have their actual ceremony at school on June 6th.

Last night after the kids and I went to bed Arnold and I watched "The Descendants." I had gone to the movie place WANTING "One for the Money" and this is the second week they have been all out. I actually think I saw a girl grab the last copy (darn her) but I guess I will try yet again next week. It was $1 movie night so I thought I might as well still get something. It was ok, not the best. It was based on a book I think, but I never had read it. They were throwing the "F" bomb around alot, that's for sure. Never hurts to watch George Clooney (he's on my hottie list ;) But Arnold kept making fun of him being so old now and how he runs (he runs alot in the movie!) One of his daughters was played by the girl Amy in "Secret Life" and man they really slutted her up and gave her a potty mouth for this movie, was weird to see. But anyway-- there ya go.

Have been getting a few more RSVPs for Rachel's bday party this week. I get giddy everytime someone says Yes. I am such a sucker for parties. Arnold just rolls his eyes everytime I tell him our new headcount. He always says we over-do it. But I have so much fun! And I guess plans are coming together pretty well but I still have a ton to do. Only 2 weeks from this Saturday! :)

Has anyone seen the previews for this movie? I thought it was going to be really stupid but then I saw the previews and it looks pretty funny. I will definately be going to see it with some friends. You all know I can def. relate with those girls, after being pregnant 4 times! ;)

And last but not least-- Wanted to send a shout out to my good friend Lauryn, who's bday is this coming Thursday! This pic is of her and Brooke last Summer. We are hoping to make plans to go out Friday evening to celebrate! :) Happy Bday Lauryn! :)

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