Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

This weekend was Mother's Day. I told Arnold all I wanted this year was a day out with friends to relax and have fun, and for him to do a few things on his "honey-do list" haha. So Saturday at around 11 I went to pick up my Sister-in-law, Jenn. We met up with a few other friends at El Paso for lunch. Yes, I ate even more Mexican! Actually I had been craving chilli cheese fries forever, so I got that as an appetizer for us, and then ordered the taco salad for lunch. So much food and so many calories, but so worth it. After all, it was a special occasion ;) Thank goodness Lauryn remembered to bring her camera along, or we wouldn't have gotten any pics at all. We ended up staying there almost 2 1/2 hrs talking! I couldn't get over how quickly the time had flown by when I looked at my watch. Doesn't it always work like that-- the days drag by when they aren't going very well, but they go so fast when you are having a great time?! Anyway, after lunch the other girls had to go home and Jenn and I went across the street to get our nails done. Jenn got a pedicure and I got a full set put on my nails. They always make fun of me there because i have always had a bad habit of biting my nails. I know its gross, but I've done it since I was a kid, and have never been able to seem to kick the habit. Half the time I don't even realize I am doing it until someone calls me out! Anyway, the girl who did my nails told me "you have no nails!!!!" (yeah like I didn't know that already!) and she said "you really have to take better care of your nails! you have no nails!" (once again.. I know.. why was I getting fake nails in the first place??) But they always do a great job there, and I love how they look. She talked me into getting gel nails which are more expensive, but supposedly more strong, we will see. I ended up giving her a pretty nice tip, even after the picking around. I think she was a little surprised at that.. but I like doing nice things for people sometimes ;)

After the nail place we had planned to go to an afternoon movie, but we ran late (blame it on my big mouth at lunch!) so we decided to go shopping instead. We show up at Kohl's and guess who is walking out? My mom! Just so happens she was in there buying me a giftcard for Mother's Day, so I could get some new clothes (talk about great timing!) She went ahead and gave it to me right there in the parking lot since I was going in anyway. So Jenn and I spent the rest of the afternoon shopping for new clothes! It was really fun, although after awhile I got tired of trying on clothes. Mom always said I gave her the hardest time when I was a kid because I hated it. But I did find several new tops and a pair of khaki shorts. I NEVER wear shorts. I seriously don't think Arnold had ever seen me in shorts. I just hate my legs because I am SO pasty white, but I refuse to tan because I know its so dangerous. Plus, I am a big clutz and always run into things and usually have bruises on my legs or knee (seriously!) But i decided to give it a chance and I guess they look ok. Would still like to get some color this summer though (the natural way-- although thats not much better!) After we were done shopping I noticed it was already 5pm. We had already spent an entire day out.. I couldn't believe it was over so fast! We didn't even get a chance to go to Rita's :( Oh well. The day out was awesome though, and just what I needed. While I was gone Arnold had cleaned out the van for me (he meant to do the outside too, but didn't get around to it yet) and a few other things. Him and his dad took all the kids to a festival that was going on, and I know they had a great time. At least there was something to keep them busy while we were gone! ;)

Sunday morning I didn't even get to sleep in.. since I had to get ready to go to church and work in the baby classroom. I didn't expect to wake up to whining and fighting from the kids though, at 7am! (thats way too early to be frustrated already!) I always expected it to be like the Mother's Day commercials where you wake up refreshed, and the kids come in with a breakfast in bed, and they are already spotless and dressed for church, and later they clean up the kitchen for you.. yeah DIDN'T happen! Arnold made some Pillsbury cinnamon rolls while I took a shower (at least it was something ;) The kids all had a card for me, and had colored on them and signed their names. Brooke tried to write on ALL of them though, and made Caleb mad, so he was upset about that. Arnold had also gotten me a box of my favorite candy, which is always nice ;)

On the way to church I was so thirsty so I stopped by the gas station for grape soda in a glass bottle (one of my faves!) so that was my own treat for the morning. The guy behind the counter is always really sweet, and he opened the cap for me while I was in there so I could drink it on the way to church. We were pretty busy that morning, I think we had a total of 7 kids in there, but they took the older kids next door, and we had 3 babies and a toddler in our room. I spent most of the morning rocking one of my close friend's sons to sleep.. he was fighting sleep and would just not give up! But eventully he fell asleep and I could hardly move after that because I was so afraid of waking him up. Later I found out he had been chewing on my sticker name tag and half of it had come off and was sticking to his face..and there was drool all over my shirt. Such a glamarous life I lead ;) For the next service there was a sweet 2 month old baby girl (newest baby at our church!) who was staying in there, and before I left to go to service I had to make sure to hold her. Arnold walked by and saw me and just rolled his eyes. At least I was happy on Mother's Day ;) Arnold actually got to church EARLY and all 3 kids were dressed (MATCHING! and looked cute) So i was shocked, as was everyone else ;) I had dressed us all in blue to match-- was hoping to take pictures later and then didn't even get around to it!

After church we went to lunch at Sonic (once again I tell you-- glamarous!) but there was no way I was going to wait in line at a nicer restaurant on Mother's Day! The kids got slushies so they were happy at least, and I DID get a cherry coke ;) That afternoon I did a little more shopping on my own. Walked around Toys R Us for awhile to look at bday gifts for Rachel. I have been buying her things here and there over time and putting them back in my closet. They had their bubble mowers on sale, and they had a girly pink one (!) so I got her that. She loves bubbles and she loves pushing things around, so she will love that, I know. I cannot wait until h her birthday next month!!!! Anyway, then I stopped by the store to get my mom and Arnold's mom cards (yes I waited until last minute-- and yes they were WIPED OUT so I was lucky I even found anything) and got them Mother's Day balloons from the kids. Then I went back home and took a 2 hour nap.. it was AWESOME! Even Brooke laid down for a nap, that is unheard of for her! I think allergies are bothering all of us though, because our whole family has been pretty grumpy and sleepy this past week.

Last night we went to dinner at my parents' house. Its funny because I could have sworn dad told us to come over for dinner, but he had said lunch, so he had made all this food at lunch and him and Mom were just sitting there... sitting and waiting on us... and we were out and had no idea! So they did re-heat everything that night for us to have and it was still good ;) Dad had gotten ham and made mac & cheese, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes and rolls. Everything was so good. There was a carrot cake in the fridge too, which he insisted he made for us (he likes to joke around) but he had bought it. He had the kids going though, Brooke was like "oh thank you Pop Pop for making this cake, it is so good!" Haha! After dinner we looked back through some old photo albums.. one of my favorite things to do. I showed the kids pics of me as a baby and young child, which always fascinates them. I actually found some pics of me this time that looked like RACHEL!!! I was shocked, because I have never seen her in me before, but I did last night! We have a lot of the same expressions and looks (or at least we used to!) So that really made my day. I will have to post the pics later and see if anyone agrees with me ;) Mom of course had already given me my gift, and dad had gotten me a plant (he his big on plants/flowers) and thats what he usually gets me and Mom. He said this one was almost impossible to kill, so it was perfect for us. Hey now.. I may not be good at keeping plants alive.. its because they can't yell and scream for food like kids can ;)

I hope all the other Mothers out there had a great weekend as well!!! :)

Rachel, Erika, Jenn, Lauryn and I out to eat on Saturday

Arnold, the kids and I with his mom on Mother's Day

The kids and I with my Mom. By then they were sick of pictures!

My sweet babies and I! So thankful for them! :)

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