Monday, May 21, 2012

Tweetsie Trip 2012

Friday morning Brooke and I got up at 6am to get ready for her class Tweetsie trip. She had been so excited the night before that she had stayed up so late in her room, unable to sleep. At one point Arnold found her in the bathroom-playing in the tub--with no water. Yes our daughter is random and strange at times! Anyway, Brooke was so excited she didn't even want to eat breakfast. I stopped by Bojangles to get me a biscuit and some tea, then we headed to the school. We were actually on time, I was proud! We waited on all the other kids and parents to get there. I rode with two of Brooke's good friends' moms. Thank goodness they let me tag along because I didn't want to have to drive all the way up there myself! We got a late start up there but it was all good. We had a great time talking and I was really enjoying myself. When we got up there it was drizzling just a little bit and the sky was so gray, so I was worried. But a little later it started to clear up and we ended up having beautiful weather for the trip! :)

First thing we did was take a trip on the train. The kids loved the ride and getting to watch the acts put on by the cowboys and Indians. Brooke didn't care too much for all the gunshots though! The sherriff on our train was actually pretty cute, if I say so myself (shhh I didn't say that! ;) He gave all the kids their very own bullets at the end of the ride. Then we walked around town with the girls and took pictures of them with people dressed up and with other things. We even got a pic of all the girls on a horse, with their teachers standing in front of them-- it will make for a great memory! Speaking of the teachers-- they had a great time on the trip as well, as much fun or MORE than the kids. I was so sad thinking that this trip was to celebrate the end of the Kindy year... their year is almost up and its time to move on to First Grade. I am such a sap!

Anyway, then we took the girls to see the "Can Can Girls" show. The girls absolutely loved watching them dance, and they even came out into the crowd and let the girls dance with them a little bit. While we were in there we got snacks for the girls-- part of our ticket money had included a little for snacks. We all had to use some of our own money though, the prices at that place were crazy! We got the girls soft pretzels and drinks in Tweetsie souvenier cups. Brooke begged and begged for cheese sauce for hers, but then when I got it she said she didn't like it and it got trashed. Extra 50cents down the drain (not a lot but it adds up when kid are always wasting stuff!) Then we went and caught a ride on the bus up the hill, to the "country fair" part of Tweetsie. We took the girls on some of the rides-- that was fun even for me, I felt like a big kid again :) Chasity (who I rode with) is scared of heights, so I took her daughter with Brooke and I on the ferris wheel. I don't remember ferris wheels going quite that fast! I don't mind them, except for the part where you are stopped at the top waiting for others to get on. The girls rocked our seat a little bit and I freaked out for a minute, but it was all ok ;) Chasity stood at the bottom taking pictures of us. After the rides we went to the petting zoo. The girls all were given money to buy these little icecream cones full of animal feed. The girls thought it was funny they were in cones, and Brooke said she was going to eat it haha (she didnt!) They had some of the CUTEST baby lambs, goats, llamas, and pigs. The girls were so cute feeding the animals and squealing out laughing as the animals bit into their cones and some stole the whole thing! The ostriches were kind of freaky though, they would stick their heads up really fast and try to peck at you... even scared me! :)

After feeding the animals it was time to meet the class down at the green tent for lunch. Included with our tickets were a bag lunch of hotdogs, chips, and cookies. Brooke hardly ate anything-- I swear the only time she won't eat is when she is crazy excited about something, so you could tell she was loving that day! At one point she told me "this is the best school day ever!!!" :) After lunch we went back up the hill-- and this time we WALKED it. I am so out of shape, because I felt like I was going to die by the time we got to the top. We went back on the rides a few more times, and this time the teachers went WITH the students. Brooke rode with her assistant teacher, Mrs. King, it was so sweet. Then we went back again to feed the animals. They had let a few of the little goats out to walk around the paths so the girls got to walk right up to them and pet them. Before long it was 2pm and time to meet the class back at the tent again. The day FLEW by, I couldn't believe it. The teachers had snuck off and gotten all the students souveniers.. wooden train whistles. The kids all loved them, and you should have heard the tent then, it was LOUD, with all the kids blowing their whistles at once. (Thanks Kindy teachers-- that made for a great trip home ;) Then all the kids who were going back on the bus left. But we decided to stay for awhile longer so the girls could do some more things.

We went to a magic show first thing.. the kids were pretty impressed with that. Then we went mining for rocks. Once again-- money trap. $14 for a bucket of sand to find rocks, and the kids were done within 5 minutes! But Brooke did get a little bag to take her rocks home, and they spent most of the time playing in the water. Brooke got her pants soaked before it was all over with. Then we went on the chair lift. One of the rules from the teachers was that we couldn't go on it because of safety issues. But as soon as they left, we did. It was an awesome view from way up there, and Brooke didn't seem scared at all. As a matter of fact, she kept scooting to the front of the chair and freaking me out and I kept having to push her back into her seat. It was a sweet moment, just the two of us sitting there looking out onto the mountains :) We let the girls play on the playground for awhile after that while the moms set down for a rest. Even with wearing tennis shoes my feet were hurting SO bad by the end of the day. By then it was almost 4pm so we decided to call it a day. But not before stopping by the store to buy the girls some cotton candy first. Brooke ate the entire bag on the trip home. She wouldn't eat her hotdog at lunch, but she'd eat a whole bag of pure sugar, sheesh!

On the way home, Brooke's friend Emma PASSED out and her poor little head was flopping all over the place. Didn't look comfortable at all! Ava's mom actually held her head up for a little while ;) Brooke sat in the back with Ava and they talked just about the whole way home. We listened to Veggie Tales song and I tried not to fall asleep, I was soo tired! We got back home around 5:45. So it was a long (and expensive) day, but it was worth it :)

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