Thursday, August 2, 2012

August Goals

Goal #1- To attend my 8th Lynyrd Skynyrd concert! (Friday!)

Goal #2- Take all 3 kids in for their yearly appointments/school physicals. I am interested to see how they are doing, by the dr's standards. I weighed them the other day on our own scale. Brooke weighs 58lbs, Caleb is 43 lbs, and Rachel is 38 lbs. Rachel is going to catch up with her brother if he doesn't watch it! They can already basically wear the same size shorts, and are 2 years apart!!!

Goal #3- Get back into a workout routine. I've been doing a little better this past week. I really slacked off this Summer and need to get back with it.

Goal #4- Buy all the school supplies needed for Brooke and Caleb. Recently got to read their lists, and they are pretty long! Caleb's teacher is even very specific about what brands she prefers, so it can get pretty expensive.

Goal #5- Have "Days of Fun" for Brooke and Caleb on their actual birthdays. We always take them to Toys R Us for their crown and balloon, and let them pick out a small toy. We go to Rita's for italian ice (they get a free ice for their birthday!) And we let them pick where they want to go for dinner that night. This year Caleb said Pizza Hut (garlic bread pizza, here I come! ;) And Brooke said Ihop (pretty random, but I don't mind it!)

Goal #6- Throw a combined birthday party for the big kids, at our local skating rink. We have sent out invites and the party is set for the 11th. We are expecting around 16-20 kids including our's, so it should be a lot of fun. Arnold LOVES the fact that this year we don't have to buy a lot of stuff or clean up afterwards, it is all taken care of! It does make it a lot less stressful, I do admit.

Goal #7- Make chocolate lollipops for the party favors. I love making them for special occasions, they are yummy! This year I am doing princess ones for Brooke, and not sure for Caleb yet-- have to go to AC Moore and see what kind of "boy molds" they have.

Goal #8- Finally get around to seeing "Hunger Games!" I didn't get to go to see it in the theater, but it comes out on video later this month, and I cant wait to rent it!

Goal #9- Get through the First Day of School. I always look forward to it, but I cry like a baby when I drop the kids off. I thought it would be easier with the second child, but it wasn't! (for me at least!) Arnold even has to drag me away so the kids don't see me get upset. I am just so emotional! I am just thrilled though, that the kids got the teachers we were hoping for!!

Goal #10- Read at least 4-5 books this month. Not hard at all for me, because I love reading!! :)

Goal #11- Get together for a girls' night with my friend Natalie. I don't get to see her as much anymore and I am always missing her!!

Goal #12- Get my hair cut off! It is long overdue! I love a shorter cut, it is a lot easier to manage! This will hopefully happen tomorrow!

Goal #13- Get our inspection for the van, and pay for our new tag. This was technically supposed to be done by the first of August but we are big slackers! thank goodness for the grace period!!

Goal #14- Celebrate my parents' 41st Wedding Anniversary! I am so happy for them. They really model what a good marriage looks like. I am thankful for such wonderful influences in life.

Goal #15- Show my support for Chick FIL A (already done, earlier today!) I wasn't able to get there yesterday.. the lines were long EVEN at 8pm at night. So I went a day late.. still good right?? ;)

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