Thursday, August 9, 2012

They Say It's Your Birthday....

Like the title? Now I am totally singing the Beatles song in my head.... :)

Yesterday was Caleb's 5th Birthday. Arnold took off work so we could spend the whole day celebrating. Now most everyone knows that I go crazy over birthdays and it is especially bad when it comes to my kids!!! The night before, Arnold and I blew up 45 yellow and blue balloons, and filled the living room with them, to surprise Caleb when he came out of his room that morning. I WAS going to put them in his room like the idea on Pinterest, but I knew with my luck he would wake up and see them.. so I improvised. Anyway, Molly had never really seen a balloon before and went NUTS over them. They kept her busy for hours. She was even playing with them after we went to bed. In the middle of the night we heard POP! and I almost jumped out of my skin. I think she ended up popping 3 of them with her claws?! Anyway, it was pretty hilarious. I think Arnold was a little peeved at me for making him help me blow all them up... I ended up almost passing out after doing 10 or so really quick in a row!

Anyway, the kids were way too excited and ended up getting up that morning around 6am. So we went ahead and let Caleb open his gifts from us, then. We got him 2 new Wii games (Lego Batman and Lego Star Wars), a Star Wars helmet, a Green Lantern toy, a Leapfrog spelling game, a Melissa and Doug create-your-own name sign for his room, and a few new books. He seemed to really like everything, and even begged to play his new games right away. After that I made cinnamon buns for breakfast, but I added sprinkles on top of the icing to make them "BIRTHDAY cinnamon buns!" Haha.. I saw the idea using pancakes online but I changed the idea up a little bit, once again. Funny thing is Caleb wasn't even that hungry (mostly due to the excitement) and didn't even eat his. Oh well, it was still a good idea!

That morning Rachel had her 3year well check at the doctor. We were late making her appt this year, and it was just coincidence that they had her come in on Caleb's birthday. We had to wait FOREVER to get in, and then they had to ask us a MILLION questions to update her paperwork-- thanks to Obama's new healthcare plan is what they said. She weighed 37 lbs and was 39 inches tall! She has REALLY grown a lot in the past year. I say it all the time, but I really do think the girls will grow up to be taller than both Arnold and me! :) She passed her exam and didn't even cry.. I was so proud of her. It helps that she didn't have to get shots this time around, though. They tried to get a urine sample from her, but she said NOOOO and ran away. Typical Rachel! They gave me some tips on the potty training, but said not to worry too much, because you can't MAKE a child train. So I guess we will keep trying! The nurse also did a few other "games" and things to see if she was on track for a 3-year old, and they said she was doing just fine. So we FINALLY got out of there 2 hrs later (no kidding!) and Rachel was happy because they gave her a Dora sticker for being such a good girl :)

After the appt we went to Toys R Us. The kids are signed up for the Birthday Club there, and they give you a crown and balloon on your birthday.. so we took Caleb to get his. They also give you a $3 coupon off any toy so we let him pick out a small toy, too. He wandered around FOREVER trying to make his decision. He finally picked out the bad guy from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (think his name is Shredder?!) Why is he picking the bad guys? Should I be worried?! Brooke played with the Nintendo DS they had on display the whole time we were in there. That is what she and Caleb are already asking for, this year for Christmas.

We ended up going to a birthday lunch at Chili's. It just so happened that they had out a coupon for "Kids Eat Free" on that day, so we were able to get all the kids meals free. The waiters came out and sang Caleb "happy birthday" and brought him some icecream with chocolate syrup on top. I thought he would be embarassed but he loved it! The waitress we had actually almost forgot about it, and Caleb was sure to remind her! Ha! :) After lunch we went over to Rita's to get our Italian Ice. We are in the birthday club there too, and Caleb got a free one for his bday. He got black cherry this time, just like his Daddy. The girls chose pineapple flavor. And I chose the MYSTERY flavor they have out right now. I have no clue what it is though.. even after eating it. I am horrible with guessing! It was fruity though.. maybe grapefruit? I thought it was ok.. but Arnold hated it! After that we went home for awhile to rest, and Caleb played his new Wii games the whole time. He was really into the games and he would get mad whenever Arnold would take away the Wii remote and play himself. Arnold is still just like a big kid! So I know he loves having a son and getting to play with all his toys and games ;)

That evening we met Caleb's Grandparents (Arnold's parents) at Pizza Hut for dinner. That's where Caleb had requested to go. Not that I minded.. I love it there. That is actually where Arnold and I went on our first date ;) I had wanted to try the new garlic bread pizza but they had the buffet that night and I knew it would be cheaper that way so we all got buffet. They even had cinnamon sticks out.. sooo yummmy! We had taken along some Spiderman cupcakes I had gotten earlier that day, for dessert, so we had some of those after we ate. I brought candles along with me and then totally forgot to put one in Caleb's cupcake! oh well, we will get another chance during his party on Saturday. His grandparents brought his gifts that night, so Caleb was THRILLED. They got him a Star Wars Millenium Falcon with all the little people inside, a Batman car, a Superman Lunchbox and movie, and some pool toys. He loved the stuff so much that he actually begged to go home then to play with the stuff, instead of going skating that night like we do every Wed!

We went ahead and still went skating that evening because the girls wanted to. Caleb didn't even put on skates, and we let him take in his batman car to play with while everyone else skated. Arnold actually put on skates that night and it was hilarious. He made 3 laps around the rink but it took him forever. I took Brooke for a lap around too. They practiced some more but are still falling all over the place! Then I headed over to the snack bar and ordered a blue raspberry ICEE for us to share. Yes I am fully aware that we had WAY too much sugar that day. I was actually starting to feel it, too. I had a stomachache and was exhausted.. I think I hit a sugar high earlier on then crashed that evening! We got home around 8:30 and I went straight to bed and slept all night. Is that sad or what?! Blame it on the crazy day!!

Happy 5th Birthday Caleb!!!!

Here are the cinnamon buns! Arnold's and mine we kept plain!

 Rachel waiting patiently at the dr office. Well she ended up drawing all over herself with the pen I was using to fill out her paperwork.

Caleb with the toy he picked out at Toys R Us.

Caleb outside the store, with his crown and Balloon

Caleb took this pic at lunch! Haha. Arnold and his girls :) Rachel decided to jump in at the last minute, and it made for a really cute pic :)

The waiters at Chili's singing to Caleb. Notice his new action figure sitting beside him. He just had to take him to lunch with us ;)

Caleb and his Maw at Pizza Hut, waiting on dinner

Caleb with his Spiderman Cupcakes

Opening up his gifts from Maw and Paw

Arnold skating with Brooke

Having Italian Ice at Rita's! Caleb got black cherry this week, just like his Daddy :)

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