Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend in Review

This weekend was SO busy, but so much fun. Friday I spent almost the whole day cleaning up the house and getting rid of old stuff. I can't believe how quickly we accumulated stuff in these 6 years we have had kids.. it is ridiculous! I got rid of bags of trash, outgrown clothes, toys the kids hadn't bothered with in a long time, and more. I even cleaned off my bookshelves and got rid of TONS of my books. I'm a big reader but I never really save books unless they are really special to me. If I did, I wouldn't even have the room to keep them all! Anyway, I worked hard and stayed in my pajamas since I knew I would get hot and sweaty. I didn't even get around to taking a shower until after 2pm that afternoon. I'm glad Arnold was at work because I didn't want him to see me that way.. I was looking pretty nasty! ;) But it felt so good to clear junk out of the house. My dream is to eventually have everything gone that we aren't using or loving. I don't want to have stuff "just to have it" anymore, because it is taking over!
That evening I decided I would go ahead and let Brooke open her birthday gifts since we had a busy weekend. Her birthday wasn't until Sunday. It was a surprise to her, and she was so happy. She kept saying "You are the best mommy ever!" :) We got her new shoes for school, a Littlest Pet Shop walkable playset (a horse!), a princess Tiana doll that sings "Happy Birthday," a boxset that had 3 Pinkalicious books and a poster to color for her room, a pack of dressup highheel shoes, and a science book for kids that was all about the body. She loved everything, and the kids spent the evening playing with all the new toys. Then I read them the "body" book before they went to bed-- it was really neat! They had a lot of little facts to learn about things, and even Arnold and I were learning some things ;) We also made cookies that night as a special birthday dessert.
Saturday morning we got up REALLY early (like 6am early!) and got ready for our yardsale we were having. Arnold's friend from work had invited us out to a local business parking lot (he knew the people) to have a yardsale. He invited a lot of people from work to come out so that we would hopefully attract more people. I wasn't really expecting a lot of people to show up since it is late in the yardsale season, but I was pleasantly surprised. A lot of people bought stuff that I didn't think would even sale. I guess you never know! Now I am glad we hauled all that stuff out there. We actually made a good amount of money, and didn't even have that much stuff to pack up into our van afterwards. The rest of the stuff we had left we gave to my mom to donate, she works at a local crisis ministry. It felt so great not to have to take a bunch of junk back into our house! The kids even had fun at the sale because Brooke's friend from school was there with her parents. They ran around the parking lot in the high heels she had gotten for her bday the night before. They were quite the sight.. I think at one point Caleb even had some on :-0 Another family had also brought out their tiny dachshund puppy. The kids went wild over that thing, especially Caleb. He asked them to hold it several times. If we ever get another dog, it will be a dachshund! I grew up with dachshunds and they are just the sweetest things ever!
That afternoon after we had rested at home some and gotten showers, we went over to my friend Jess' house to visit for awhile. Jess and I met in highschool and have been "Bffs" for 10 years now. She has a 1 year old son, Hunter, and I love to go visit him when I came. I lovingly call myself Aunt Abby ;) Jess and Hunter had to miss Brooke and Caleb's birthday party since Hunter wasn't feeling good that day, so they gave them their presents that day. Jess also gave me a new tumbler.. with OWLS on it.. for my birthday :) The kids had a great time playing together, and Hunter even sat on my lap for awhile and let me take pictures with him :)
That evening we went over to my parents' house for dinner. They wanted us to come over so they could see Brooke for her bday. They made the adults steak (Arnold was in heaven) and the kids a pasta casserole. Mom made rice krispie treats with mini m&ms in them, for dessert. Those things were sooo good. I ended up taking the rest of them home to eat.. and they didn't last long! ;) The kids always have a great time at their house, and were able to help mom cook some.. they like to call themselves little chefs! Before we left that evening, we went outside and caught some lightning bugs (fireflies for those of you who aren't southern! ;) That had been on my Summer bucket list but I had never gotten around to taking the kids out to do that! I used to love running around as a kid with my younger brother, trying to catch them.
Sunday morning we all got ready and went to church. 2 dear friends of our's are moving in a month or so, and it was their last Sunday at our church, so I'm glad we go to see them and get some pics and big hugs! The message that morning was wonderful.. talking about anger and bitterness, and how dangerous it is to hold onto that anger. I was thinking in my mind the whole time of a few things that have happened in my life that were just so hard to forget and move on. I am going to try to move past after hearing that message. I know it does no good for me to hold bitterness inside, when God wants to restore my heart and heal me completely! I really needed to hear that!
After church we met up with Arnold's parents. They took us all out to Applebee's for lunch, for Brooke's birthday. Brooke told us we'd better not tell anyone it was her birthday, because she didn't want them to sing to her. Poor thing was going to be so embarassed :) I know how it feels, so I didn't tell them! I even had a "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY" button for her to wear that day, and she wouldn't wear it. Oh well! Lunch was yummy by the way.. I got my usual.. the chicken fajita rollup! Then we went out to their van and they let Brooke open up her gift. They got her some new clothes, earrings, shoes, a Zoobles Playset, some Squinkies, and this little thing that lets you make your own minature pets (kind of like the build a bear place) and they have little keychains you can hook them onto your bookbag or whatever. Brooke made a little blue puppy and a unicorn.. they were so cute!
That afternoon the kids' grandparents took the kids to swim for awhile (at their request!) And so Arnold and I went out on a date! We were stuffed from lunch, so we didn't get any icecream like we had previously planned on doing. We went by Barnes and Noble and browsed some magazines for awhile. They had put out some new books in their bargain section and I found "Night Road" by Kristin Hannah, so I bought that for me to read. Then we went over to Ollie's and picked up some last minute school supplies Brooke needed. There wasn't much left to do (our town is pretty boring!) So we went home to rest and watch some tv. It was nice just to be together and not hear all the yelling and whining that we usually hear from the kids!
That evening after the kids got home, we played with Brooke's new toys for awhile, the Arnold made us some of his "famous" breakfast sandwiches with eggs, cheese, and bacon, for dinner. We gave all the kids baths, and packed up Brooke's bookbag and got it ready for this morning (her first day of school!) We then read a few books and got them into bed early. I could tell Brooke was having a hard time sleeping, because she kept getting up and making excuses. But eventually she fell asleep and slept very well! I can't believe it's time for school already!
Hope everyone had a great weekend! :)
One of my Bf's Erika and I, with Ray (the one who is moving away :(

Rachel and her Paw at lunch on Sunday

Brooke and I at her birthday lunch at Applebee's
Brooke getting ready to open her presents from us

Birthday cookies! They just recently came out with these (I think) I loved the idea, but they actually didn't taste that good. Bummer.

At the yardsale Sat. morning. The kids were reading books with their friend, Emma.

Having her birthday italian ice! She got island fusion flavor like me :)

Hunter with his Aunt Abby ;)

Jess and I! Love this girl :)

Rachel helping Grandma cook. She was showing her how to cut potatoes.

New book she got from Grandma. She wanted me to read it over and over!

Caught Molly passed out like this last night. Spoiled kitty! ;)

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  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! So glad Brooke had a great birthday!