Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

~I'm loving that Caleb started Kindergarten today. He was so excited. More on that later.. there will be a whole blog on his first day ;)

~I'm loving that Brooke picked out this Barbie playset last night at Toys R Us. We never got around to taking her to Toys R Us to get her balloon and crown and pick out her toy, so we did that last night. Barbie's arm moves and she can "wash" the puppies, and you can even put water and soap in there and make real bubbles. Arnold doesn't want to tell Brooke about that part though, because of the potential mess ;) The kids all played with it last night before bed, even Caleb ;) Haha, sorry for ratting you out Caleb!!

~I'm loving that the fair is in town this week and weekend. I almost forgot it was this week until someone mentioned it. I hope we get to go, but I'm not sure yet. We have a pretty busy weekend already. Plus, have you seen how expensive it is to take a family of 5 to a fair?!

~I'm loving that Fall is just around the corner! Can't wait until I can put out some fall decor around the house, and take the kids to pick out pumpkins!

~I'm loving that we took the kids out to dinner at Village Inn last night, to celebrate them starting school. Well not Rachel yet, but she enjoyed the food too ;) Arnold had no objections to going, because Village Inn is his all-time fave. place to eat. The kids had pudding for dessert.. they are so funny about what gets them excited.

~I'm loving these sparkly pink shoes we got Brooke. She wore them for the first time today. I wanted to get the silver pair too, but they were out of her size! :(
~I'm loving that Brooke can fit into clothes from Justice now. She got some things from there for her birthday. We have "Justice Bucks" that we can redeem this next week, so I will probably take her in there soon. Their clothes and stuff are BRIGHT.. some might consider them tacky. But Brooke loves it. Her shirt in the pic above is from there :)

~I'm loving what I've heard so far from the new Matchbox Twenty cd. Their new CD is coming out the first week of September. I am a big fan (yeah, I'll admit it! ;)

~I'm loving getting to play girly things with Brooke. She got her first pack of Squinkies for her birthday. They are TINY and I know they will probably get lost soon enough, but they are adorable. I love all the little animals and characters you can collect. All these girl toys take me back to being a kid again!

~I'm LOVING that I'm waiting on a call back from my social worker this week! She is supposed to call me with some news about Joseph. Hopefully I am getting a package with a letter and pictures of my sweet boy within the next few weeks. YEAH!!!! It's been forever!!!! :)

~I'm loving that I reached 100 (and more) followers on my blog! It's so neat to see that number when I log in! Thanks to all those link-ups and stuff I have met a lot of new bloggers! :)


  1. the fair is in our town too ... i'm so excited to go on Friday.

    i'm loving Brooke's outfit. so cute. nothing tacky about it at all. besides kids should wear bright clothes :)

    i'm so excited for Fall too ... it can't get here fast enough. too bad we are still having 90 degree weather around here!

    i love Matchbox 20 too! so excited they have a new CD!

    and congrats on 100+ followers ... it is so exciting!

  2. Congrats on reaching 100 followers! That's neat. I only have 12, but that's okay. =D

    Wow, that's a really cool idea about writing your kids' years in chalk and having them pose beside it. And I'm glad that your son enjoyed his first day of kindergarten! I hope that he continues to enjoy it, because those are the easy days. :)

    Our fair doesn't happen until September 8th. Haha. That's okay though. I've always thought of county fairs as more an autumn activity, anyway.

    Have a wonderful weekend!