Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Internet~ I can't believe I am saying this. Really. But thank you for being down last night and earlier today. Last night I went to bed early and got some good rest. This morning I got the grocery shopping done and a lot of work done around the house!

Dear Grocery Store Workers~ Thank you for being patient with me when I brought 3 kids under 6 into the store this morning. I'm sorry my 3-year old threw packs of beef at you when we were checking out (she just wanted to help!) Thank you for being kind and talking to them, they like that.

Dear DMV~ You are so insanely stupid. I can't believe you charged me a fee of $100 because I accidentally let my car insurance lapse for HALF A DAY. Seriously? I guess I will be extra careful from now on not to forget THAT bill.

Dear Girls' Closet~ You were a pain to get cleaned out earlier today. I took all the summer clothes down and packed them away (except for a few things) and got the girls' new Fall clothes put up. It feels like just yesterday I was getting ready for Summer! Arnold says we have waaay too many clothes for the kids. When I do cleaning like that I definitely agree!

Dear Robin from PCC~ Thank you for letting me make up the Layette baskets last night at the Pregnancy Care Center! It was so much fun picking out baby things to put in each basket. It really took some time up, too! I so enjoy volunteering there!

Dear Hubby~ I am surprising you with something tonight (not that... get your minds out of the gutter! ;) I am planning a fun date for us after the kids go to bed. I will write about it later in another blog :)

Dear Elementary School~ Why are we starting to dang late this year? Everyone else already started back already! I love my kids dearly, but dang If I don't need a break! I am counting down days until the 27th...

Dear Kohls~ Thank you for having ONE last sheet set left, in Queen size, in the design I wanted. I had to buy new sheets last night for our bed. Nail polish got spilled on them, Rachel drew on them with purple sharpie, and Molly clawed a hole in them. I was trying to hold out as long as possible, but when I saw the hole I knew it was time for new ones!!

Dear Nicholas Sparks~ Your latest book "The Best of Me" was absolutely awesome. Well done. One of my favorites of your work. I set on my butt for several hours the other night and read the entire thing. Dang you though, for always making me get so attached to the characters and cry!

Dear Fab 4 Girls~ Thank you for understanding me. For making me laugh. For being so much fun. For always supporting me. For sharing the good times AND the tough times. :)

Dear Mom & Dad~ Happy 40th Anniversary this weekend! Hope you guys have a fantastic trip in the Carribean to celebrate (jealous!) Thank you for modeling a wonderful, loving marriage for me, my husband, my kids, and my brother. Love you guys! :)

Dear Rachel~ Thank you for humoring your dad and acting like you have an interest in guitar. Because Lord knows he does! You were so cute the other night strumming on your little kid-sized guitar. I just had to take a pic (you know me! ;)

Dear Pop~ Thank you for being such a great Paw to our kids! They sure do love you alot. Sometimes I get jealous because they would probably stay with you 24/7 if we let them ;)

Dear Brooke~ When did you get to be so big?! You are turning 6 next Sunday, the 26th. Then you will start 1st Grade the very next day! I know I am going to cry, I apologize now!!!!!


  1. I've seriously NEVER liked the DMV! Total waste of time!!

  2. I love that your letters are both sweet and funny! Nice to meet you too. I am always looking for more moms and bloggers from my area to connect with. Your babies are adorable too!

  3. I loved it so much I am passing an award to you. The Versatile Blogger award. There are rules and regulations and repassing and so on. It is on my blog check it out

  4. Hi, I'm Shar! :) A new follower from the blog hop! Come over and visit me whenever you get a chance! :)

    xoxo ♥ Shar

  5. Love the idea of Friday letters! Cute blog and I am a new follower. I won't be a stranger.

  6. how adorable is she! and doooont get me started on the DMV aaaaaah!!!