Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Weekend in Review

Friday Arnold took the day off work so we could get some things done before going to the concert that night. It was Caleb's turn to do the Mama/child date to go looking for school stuff, so I decided to take him out that morning while Arnold stayed home and watched the girls. We stopped by Mcdonalds for some drinks and hashbrowns before we got started. Then we went to Walmart to do the shopping. Let me tell you-- I despise walmart and don't go there very often at all, only when I have a lot of shopping to do at once and the things there would be cheaper. We went at 8am and it was still packed in there! I had forgotten that it was Tax Free Weekend and everyone else had the same idea to pick up their school stuff on the same weekend! And of course I had forgotten the school supply lists at home, so I called Arnold and got him to read them off for me so I could jot them down. Caleb picked out an Avengers bookbag for this year. I want to do "higher quality" bookbags that really hold up when they get older, but for right now I let them pick out their own. Then I started going down the aisles and filling the cart with the tons and tons of stuff the kids needed this year. I never knew it would be so time-consuming and expensive shopping for two kids in school (can't imagine next year when we have THREE kids in there! Better start saving now! ;) Caleb's teacher is very particular about her types and brands of stuff so I had to look extra hard for those things. And he had to have 8COUNT Crayola crayons.. and they were completely out of those of course! Before long the cart was already filled up and I was scared to tally up how much it was going to cost. Caleb was like a typical man and kept tugging on my leg asking me when we were going to go home. "Im bored mom!" "Why is this taking SO long?!" "Why do you have to buy SO much stuff?!" Arghhh... but I agreed with him by the end! I wasn't planning on buying any clothes and stuff that day, but I found some glittery pink shoes that Brooke just HAD to have.. they are adorable and I can't wait for her to see them!

Caleb and I finally got back home around 10am. Arnold headed out to get the van inspected. We only had about 12 more days to get it done, so I am glad he was able to take it! Then we headed BACK out (what, were we crazy?!) and went to lunch at Subway. I wanted to eat light that day because I knew I would probably pig out that night when going out to dinner before the concert (and I did! ;) Then we went to Target. Thankfully we were able to find the 8ct crayons there, along with copy paper, BLUNT-END scissors and other things to finish off their lists. I feel alot more relieved now that I got that done! Then I picked out my new outfit that I wore that night... top, jeans, and those uncomfortable shoes!!! Haha. The jeans were on clearance and so was the necklace I got... so it was a score! :) Arnold had a nervous breakdown in the shoe aisle, when the kids decided to act up. I saw everyone around us staring.. it was pretty embarassing! I think he is even worse than I am at handling the kids in public! I just sat down and was still until he calmed down and we could move on.. ha.

Of course that evening was the concert.. but I wrote all about that in my last post ;)

Saturday morning we slept in until about 9:30 (that's huge when your kids usually get up at 7am!) Rachel was so sweet.. she came into our room, laid on our bed, and waited until we got up. She must have known we had had a crazy night and needed our sleep! ;) Then we got up, got ready, and went to Mom and Dad's to pick up the big kids. Dad had taken them up to their neighborhood pool to swim, so we went up there to see them. They are both doing SO much better at swimming! And Caleb has gotten so much more confident! We hadn't known to pack their suits so mom and dad went out and bought them new ones (this is becoming a trend with them!) Brooke's was a two-piece which I said I wasn't going to allow my girls to wear (wanting to teach them modesty) but at least it was more of a "tankini" and not too skimpy. Anyway, some of my cousins were in town that weekend visiting, so the kids got to hang out with them.. and when we got back to the house we all had lunch together.

That afternoon I laid down and took a loooong nap. I guess the lack of sleep had finally caught up with me! That evening my brother and his girlfriend came into town (they don't get to come in that often at all) so we went BACK over to mom and dad's to have dinner and visit. Dad always cooks ribs when Alex comes in b/c its his favorite. And my mom usually always cooks me a different meal because I have this thing with eating meat on a bone! But that night she didn't want to cook something else and begged me to eat the ribs. So Arnold cut all the meat off the bone and cut it up into little pieces for me (haha I am such a kid ;) And I took a few bites. So yall should be proud of me!!!!!!!!!!! But I didn't really care for it at all.. I know I am a weirdo, but It just grosses me out!!!! Anyway, we had a great visit and I am glad we got to see Alex. Always good to see your little brother every once in awhile ;)

The next morning I got ready and headed out to the early service at church because it was my Sunday to work the baby classroom. When I showed up I realized that Arnold's keys were in my purse, too. He was at home with the kids, waiting to come to the later service. And of course there was no way he could get there now! So I had to turn around and drive ALL the way back home to give him his keys. I wasn't thrilled because we don't live that close to our church! When I got home I went outside to get something out of our carport, and got stung in the FACE by a yellowjacket!!! I hadn't been stung in years and forgot how much that hurts!!! I'll admit, I cried like a little baby for awhile! Arnold put some cream on my face and I took some tylenyol and held an icepack on my face on the way back to church. By the time we got back the swelling was already going down and you couldn't hardly tell anything had happened. I am SO glad I don't have reactions to stings. Anyway, I got back only in time for half of the service, but at least I was able to help out a little bit! I rocked one of my friends' little babies to sleep... it was so precious! I will always love the little babies! :)

Then we went downstairs to the 11:00 service. My brother and his GF showed up to visit our church that morning before they went back home, so that was cool. Got to introduce him to some of our friends. Our normal pastor was on vacation with his family, so a new pastor was taking his place for the week. She was a woman pastor and I actually have never heard a woman pastor preach but I thought she did a great job. They finished up the "sex and relationships" series and the whole thing was just awesome. I have lots of good material and information to work on and think about now.  After church we went home and made lunch and then hung out around the house for the rest of the afternoon. I did the weekly grocery shopping and then read my new "Parents" magazine I had gotten in the mail. Pretty low-key day, but that's what we needed after that weekend!

Hope everyone else had a great weekend, too! :)

Caleb eating breakfast on our "date"

Me trying some ribs for the first time.....!

Caught Caleb in a sweet moment, reading to his baby sister!!! :)

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  1. Poor Caleb! Spoken like a true man haha! For some reason, Joel loves Walmart. I only go with him. I get anxiety every time I step foot in that place. We went in there Saturday, and it was ridiculous! I was looking for a notebook for school, but I just said forget it. I'll try again next week. That's so sweet that Rachel came in and got in bed with you. I know exactly what you mean about ribs! Any meat on the bone just doesn't appeal to me. My mom is always wanting me to try some, but I just can't do it. At least you tried it! :) I'm sorry about the bee sting. I've been stung on the foot before and it really hurts! Sounds like you had a good weekend!

    Ice Age was really good! We had a lot of fun! He totally surprised me. I thought all week we were going to see the new Batman movie, but he sprung it on me Friday night. So sweet! I rarely buy any clothes now because I'm a freak about saving money, but I thought tax-free time was a great time to go ahead and get some things I needed. We need another shopping trip soon or a girls night or something! ;) I miss you!