Wednesday, August 15, 2012

That's Pinteresting!

Some of my favorite Pinterest finds this week! :)

I could so see this being my son. He was my longest labor ;)

Love this idea using chalk to write out school grade (or even other things) and take a picture of your kids every year. We haven't started school yet this year, so we will have to try this!

How cute are these cutters that make sandwiches look like mustaches?! I love them.. I think I need some for Caleb.. when making his school lunches :)

Make your own door mat. They apparently have "river rocks" at dollar stores you can get and turn it into your own crafty project-- gluing them down. It does look cute, though!

Thanks to Pinterst I now want to paint our front door. It needs it badly anyway. I can't decide on a colar though. I like this shade of grey. But I also saw brighter options like yellow or teal. Decisions, decisions! What are yall's opinions? Go with something bright or neutral??

Love this outfit! Especially the polka dots and shoes! I have a hard time pulling off red.. it is so over-powering. But I like this, with little pops of color!

New recipie-- Pizza Pasta Casserole! Doesn't that just LOOK yummy?! My friend Jackie tried it awhile back and it turned out great for her. I am so going to try this on my family within the next week. My husband LOVES pizza.

I know these are mostly made for holidays, but I want some now! What is yummier than salty pretzels covered in melted chocolate? You can even add sprinkles!

Instead of carving a pumpkin, you can add other cute designs using glitter or sequins! My girls would love this idea!

Loved this quote! Something to think about :)

Decorate a plain pair of flip flops using colorful ribbon. Could jazz them up real quick. I usually wear flip flops year round anyway ;)

Adding this to my "to read" list (Like it isn't long enough already!)

I Remember these from my childhood! Oh my goodness... so, so good! Does anyone know if they still make them anymore? I am on the lookout for them AND Clearly Canadian drinks. If I found either, I would be one happy girl ;)


  1. Hello! I apologize for taking a really long time to get to your blog! I see you keep up with it very well... much better than I keep up with mine! :)

    I haven't joined Pinterest yet, but my mom keeps trying to get me to. She says that when I do join, I'll be hooked.

    That's a very nice picture of you and your children. Beautiful!

    Have a blessed day!

  2. I liked the baby photo. I'm a sucker for anything cute-baby :) My kids, however; would have a different longest were both 5.5 hours from water breaking to baby born.

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  3. Hi...I loved reading your posts.I also loved that baby photo, had a long one with my son too....I also need to pin that one:)
    Thanks for the follow..following you back now ..

  4. I LOVE the idea of drawing your kids with their grade and chalk. I am pinning it. Thanks! I am over from the blog hop. Your newest follower. Hope you get lots of follows today and have a great weekend.