Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

~I'm loving this picture that hubby is in. My husband is in a local country band, and the other night at practice they took some professional pictures to put on their facebook page and other things. Hubby is the one on the very back left. I think he put himself back there on purpose.. he wasn't too excited about the pictures to begin with, ha! I can't wait to see them play next on Sept. 8th, I am supposed to have several friends go with me to that gig.

~I'm loving that one of the cheer moms brought their BRAND new baby girl to practice the other night! I was watching Brooke and then turned around for a minute and saw her sitting there, asleep, in her stroller. A week ago the mom was very pregnant and now there the baby was! Ah, I just love newborn babies, they are the sweetest! I probably creeped the mom out by looking a little too long at her, haha! :)

~I'm LOVING that I heard Nicholas Sparks is going to be in OUR town on Sept. 6th for a book signing and "public talk." A good friend and I are already planned and ready to go! Mostly everyone knows who this cutie is, unless you have been hiding under a rock. He writes novels and I have read mostly every one he has written! One of my favorite authors. Anyway, I will be there on the 6th, I just have to decide which of his books to take for him to sign. And If I am lucky, maybe I will get a picture with him too ;)

~I'm loving these Jolly Rancher popsicles we have had in our freezer this past week. They didn't last long, that's for sure! I sometimes sneak one too, after the kids have gone to bed.

~I'm loving the new show "Go On" that came on last night, with Matthew Perry. I thought it was going to be a pretty lame show, since he already tried to make a come-back in that other show he did awhile back "Mr. Sunshine." But I was pleasantly surprised, the episode they showed was really funny! It doesn't start until fall, but they showed a special "preview episode" last night. I will probably be watching the show now!

~I'm loving that I finished yet another Janet Evanovich book yesterday. I have almost read all of her books now. "Plum Spooky" actually was one of my least favorites, though. It lacked an interesting plot line, in my opinion.

~I'm loving that tonight is Open House at the kids' school. We get to go for them to meet their teachers, and see their classrooms. We already know Caleb's Kindy teacher since he was Brooke's teacher last year. But we have NEVER met Brooke's teacher, so I hope we like her! I heard she is really good. I already told Arnold he needs to wear something nice tonight since we are making a first impression :)

~I'm loving the current book I'm reading, called "The Power of a Positive Mom." They have other books in the series, talking about how to be a more positive person, mom, wife, etc, etc. I like this one because it talks specifically about how to do better as a mom. I know I have a problem with being patient enough, and not always letting my frustration show through. I have yelled too much and been too quick to get upset. This book is a reminder of how important smiling, praise, and quality time is with your kids.

~I'm loving that we celebrate Brooke's birthday in just 4 more days. She will be 6 years old. Is that even possible?! We have some fun things planned this weekend. She said she wants to go to Ihop for her birthday dinner (why, I don't know, but I'm not complaining! ha!)
~I'm LOVING this costume this baby is in, I saw it on Pinterest. Can anyone guess?! It's Sophia from the Golden Girls! Look at all the details, from the curly hair, to the glasses, to the little broach pin on her sweater! I absolutely LOVE this. What a genious idea! Wish I would have seen this when my girls were still babies! I might have been stealing it! ;)

~I'm loving this Bible Verse from Psalms. God will always be there, though all the trials and destruction we experience in our in lives. Our bodies and heart will someday fail but God will be a constant. How reassuring!

~I'm loving the NEW FURBY! I can't believe I just admitted that. Yes, Furby made a comeback. There was the old Furby from my childhood, way back in 1998, and this year they are going to be back, right in time for Christmas. I was on the website last night looking at all the new features. The kids saw me and wanted to hear them speak and sing. It was hilarious, but I must admit, the voice is still pretty freaky! There are some new features, including LCD eyes that show expressions. My kids fell in love with it, so there might just be one under the tree this year, but I'm not sure yet. They are pricy.. $55! I know Arnold thinks that is ridiculous, he already told me! PS- if you don't like this color, they come in about 10 other cute colors ;)


  1. I also watched "Go On" last night. I literally laughed out loud several times. I think I'll take a break from reality TV this fall and actually watch this series instead!
    Ok, I JUST laughed out loud at the Sophia costume! How cute is that!?
    Happy Wednesday to ya!

  2. Thanks for joining us in the Southern Mama Blog Hop!!

    I'm jealous you get to meet Nicholas Sparks! and I can't believe they came out with a NEW FURBY! Oh my! I loved mine when I was little haha!

    Hope you have a great weekend! xo

    -Sonja {Running In Pearls}

  3. Oh me! Sophia! This is hilarious I almost fell off my barstool! Following from the Weekend Blog Walk. :) Love for you to stop by portofthoughts. :)