Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Life Bucket List

Just a fun post today. Here are some things I'd love to do in my lifetime. What about you guys? Agree with any of these? What would be on your list????

I still have my dolls in a box in the basement. Mom and I want to send them to the "doll hospital" to get them in nice shape before I pass them down to the girls.

Everyone knows I love animals. And I can't stand to watch the commercials on tv about animals being hurt or not having homes. I'd love to help out one day when I had more time.

How neat would that be?! I love turtles!!!

I am so boring! I have never dyed my hair, ever! Not even a different shade of brown! I really play it safe when it comes to most things. It would be hilarious to dye it a crazy color and then see how everyone reacted. Especially Arnold and my mom ;)

Would LOVE, love, love to go on a cruise one day. Preferably alone with Arnold. Maybe to celebrate one of our big anniversaries in the future??

How fun would that be?! I love flash mobs. And I love being silly... so its right up my alley :)

This one is GOING to happen folks! I got behind bigtime when I had kids. It's so much harder to get motivated when you are so busy (and so tired!) But I need this. I am starting back Spring of 2013! 

This would just be fun to me. I love learning about things in history.

My number 1 dream vacation destination is Italy. Arnold knows this!

I was going to when I was a kid. I even had a teacher lined up, but then she had to move away (or something like that!) And never tried after that! 

Preferably a dachshund puppy! They are the cutest! I grew up with doxies and would love to have one of my own. 

This has been so tough, ever since having kids. Plus, I like food too much ;) I need to lose about 50-60 lbs to be where I'd like to be.

I've always wanted to do this! A road trip with the Fab 4 would be crazy.. for sure. Maybe we can do this to all celebrate our 30th birthday? (We are all the same age)

Ah... yes! I am so used to shopping on a budget that I wouldn't know what to do with myself!

I know its gross! And yes I have been biting since I was a little girl! 

This would be top of the list. This has bothered me my whole life. Things bother me WAY too much (just ask ANYONE!) I spend way too much time and energy worrying about stuff that doesn't even matter. I wish I wasn't so sensitive. But some things are hard to change.


  1. Fab 4 road trip? Heck yeah! Let's do it :)

    There are a lot of those I would put on my own list, haha.

  2. That picture of you and your kids at the top of the post is really good! I love all of your pinterest pins too! Great ideas!! Hope you have a great week! I'm following!