Wednesday, October 28, 2009

2009 Halloween Party

Last Friday night I had a kids/family Halloween party. So much has been going onlately and I wnated to do something fun for the kids. So we started planning a Halloween party. We invited lots of people and i was surprised at how many people were able to attend! We decided to have it at our church gym, b/c theres nooo way we could fit that many people in our house :-P I think it went pretty well, we had the party from 6:30-8, We had snack foods, cupcakes and drinks. We had the big bounce house set up.. and the kids LOVED playing with the karaoke machine that the church has.. they would stand on the stage and sing.. it was so cute :-) My SIL brought the Kids Bop Halloween cd, so that was cool. Brooke and Caleb ran around like CRAZY the whole night--they had so much fun! They love playing with other kids. Rachel slept through mostly the whole thing in Aunt Nancys arms :) After the party it took forever to clean up and we were EXHAUSTED but it was so worth it.. everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. We might have to make it an annual event ;-)

Heres some pics I took-- I wnated to post a few more but the internet is acting up..

My Sister-in-law and I

Brooke all covered in cupcake! ;-)

Jen, Ladybug Whitney :) And Ryan

Me, Shannon, Kelly, and Amy :)

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