Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Raising 3 kids is HARD!!!

3 1/2 Months after rachel was born, I am still trying to get adjusted to having 3 kids! I only have 2 arms so its hard to get everything done that i want to get done in a day. We are in the process of potty-training (TRYING TO) Brooke and Caleb.. they wear pullups sometimes, and diapers sometimes, just depends on whats going on. Well they are both having major issues the past week and its SO frustrating! Caleb wil poop in his diaper while hes in his crib, and then dig in there and smear poop everywhere! I swear, ive had to give him a bath every day for the past week because he does that! We've tried spanking him, talking to him firmly, and nothing works. He keeps doing it :-( One day was particularly bad-- he had smeared it all over Him, his crib, and the WALL. That was a MESS to clean up! And it smelt so bad! He has been getting poop under his fingernails (gross, i know!) and its been so hard to clean that Arnold has had to use little toothbrushes to scrub his nails. As if that wasnt bad enough.. Brookes thing lately is when I lay her down for a nap, sometime during the afternoon she takes off her pullup, and pees in the middle of the floor! I have had at least 3 puddles to clean this past week! She strips off her clothes all the time recently.. ive heard its just a phase but i wish shed stop it! I have no clue why the kids arent actually SLEEPING during their nap times. They are only 2 and 3, they still NEED a daily nap! Theres no way im leaving them up all afternoon for them just to be cranky in the evenings. Plus, i NEED some alone time every afternoon... thats the only chance I get to take a shower and eat some lunch.

I didnt mean for this blog to be a vent, but it came off as one, lol! Well maybe this will make me feel better. Iknow the kids have been stir crazy the past few days b/c its been cold and/or rainy, so last night we decided to all go out as a family to Pizza Hut. Bad idea. One kid was crying for a bottle (Rachel) one kid was screaming because he couldnt get a hang of using a regular cup (Caleb-- we had left his sipcup in the car on accident) and one kid was jumping up and down in the booth and just being downright embarassing! (Brooke) Thank GOODNESS there was only a few people in the restaurant at the time.. because I was about to lose my mind. I would have been more embarassed, but these Ativans ive been taking lately for my anxiety help with my shyness out in public too, which is an added benefit! :)

Anyway, through all the hard times and stress I must remember that I always wanted kids, and now i have them.. and I am blessed. They are for the most part good kids, and they are all healthy, which im so greatful for!

Here are a few pics of the kids the last week..

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  1. Oh my gosh, I feel you about the poop smearing thing. Logan lately, when we put him down for bed, will sometime during the night take off his diaper so he's either covered in pee or poop or both when he wakes up. It's so gross!! One morning he took his diaper off and had smeared poop all over him, his mattress, the crib...omg it was awful. I think he had even tried to... well.. I won't go there. You might know what I mean. *GAG* lol

    I'm hoping it's just a phase and he gets over it SOON!